Weapon Variations for the KLG Heroes

I think you guys should make or at least add some sort of modification to the weapons that the KLG Heroes - Lancer, Striker, etc - are using, since it’s a little bit strange to see specifically Lancer wielding a rifle that is actually a shotgun. I understand it with Striker/Commando/ER, and it would be nicer if they had some sort of a very slight variation on their weapon to signify the differences, but Lancer’s is literally just a bullpup that shoots shotgun shells.
Maybe make them a weapon platform that’s modular, and have the different configurations be the different weapons they use?

Idk. Just something nit-picky I noticed. Thanks for reading :vulcan_salute:

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Honestly, i like the fact they use similar weapons but still different, don’t forget they are based on campaign and should not be to op and are not intended to be heroes, with other words we should not even have them and they are unique in their own way, my opinion

The shotgun lancer has is actually not the one the campaign hero has. They use the one that operator carries.

It bugs me too but I like to think of them as being part of the same army, so they use modular weapons that can be switched to another mode on the go by switching the magazines.

Like the republic commandos, switch the ammo and weapon barrel and you have a sniper rifle, grenade launcher, or assault rifle/lmg.

Yeah I was thinking something like this. Just a bigger barrel and fatter mag for Lancer’s version, Rifleman’s gets some bits and bobs because he’s the elite one, Striker’s stays the same because she’s a drone controller and not a rifleman. Yanno.

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