Should there be a limit to how many quick wins you can use per 24H

Quick wins are great for daily quests and challenges and on some modes like hard campaign there is a wins limit but on every mode should they add a 24H quick win limit? I personally think there should be


It’s because I need to type more then 4 characters, but why?


This probably a bad idea in general with no evidence on why this should be a good idea.


No thank you, I don’t want to see my quickwin tickets accumulate at a faster rate than they already are.

I can see what you say and I might change my mind. However the quick win tickets are very common

Ohhhhh now I understand. Trollbait. In that case, I totally support a Quick Win limit, but only on the days that don’t have names which end in the letter “Y”.


Explain why, try to convince the 4 of us

Make that 5.

Dammit I need 20 characters so here you go.


6th here.

There’re days at work I don’t have time to babysit every fight. Both, in-game, and irl.

I don’t think this will ever get a decent response from op, but doing this would destroy every players fun in the game nobody got time for this

Completely agree. I was reminded how much I dont want to replay certain campaign missions when I hunted for the pumpkins. Sure I love the experience of going through the campaign, but I want to spend the rest of my time in game doing other things than replaying it. Sorry, but no thank you.

Just tell me why for god sake? :thinking:

Do you really think :thinking: it’s trollbait?

Yes. I do. You expressed your opinion, but gave no rationale for it. How many quick wins that any player burns through in a given day has no effect on your play experience. If you have a logical reason for how you feel on the subject, then please explain it, because I can’t think of a reason to want to implement what you’re asking for.

should limit the number of pist you make every 24 hours !

Please don’t limit his posts, we’ll get even less information regarding his stupidity and trolling

Isn’t the stamina the true limit?
Without stamina, Quick Win tickets are useless

I mean like this doesn’t really do anything but shove a giant middle finger to the people who paid money to support the game and keep it free. Because pissing off your top patrons is the best way to conduct business.

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Limiting quick tickets is a brilliant idea if the OP’s intent is to eliminate competition by boring them to death. Meanwhile, the OP can casually manual the same missions over and over and rise to the top.


You are given more QW tickets for higher VIP levels and more play activity.

That is precisely part of the reward for VIP/playing.

Limiting usage is basically equal to removing the additional QW ticket rewards, only in an unbelievably stupid way since now people are gonna get cool numbers of useless QW tickets since they cant use them.

I wish I can understand what you (OP) are thinking, you might be onto something but right now it makes no sense.