What are good mech tank killers besides dogface

I am level 74 and stuck on Mission level 13-4 normal. I am having trouble killing anvil seeing my only Mechanic tank killer is Steele. Any other recommended tank killers?


Panzer would help alot for your needs, but if you do not have her try
4-Cep or Kunoichi, hope this helps :smiley:


max ur kuno…only thing kuno needs is decent supports… No need to have more attackers in ur squad


Kunochi, she always stays good for campaign bosses


Dogface carried me through pretty much all of my campaign lol

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However, if you’re going to use Kunoichi, don’t bring too many shields because then he’ll keep picking up shields himself due to his gold skill, and heroes don’t get stunned when they have a shield. I don’t know why, I don’t think it’s supposed to happen.

At close range, Marlowe is a great mech dps source. Hideo is also great at disruption, which extends his already high mech damage.

Heroes do get stunned when shielded, but they sometimes ignore status debuffs.

Thanks for the advice
Trying to max kunochi now

Oh yeah. Since a majority of you suggested to use kunochi, what are the support characters I should use with her

Ryder, hardscope, dogface have carried me through many campaigns. Ryder is good in damage and support if you manually control him. Keel is good support to add with Kuno or butter or razor

Bolt works, if you can land headshots and have luck, you can kill Anvil in 2-5 shots.

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For kuno’s support…
Mandrake +flatline+phalanx+kobold
(its my opinion for pvps)
You can switch & try different supports in duel with ur frnds & figured it out whats the best possible support for her.

I don’t have phalanx. Who can I sub for her

Then try KEEL instead of phalanx…she is a good healer

Maybe Butter if you’re looking for shields. Kuno doesn’t have much health, so Flatline, Phalanx, and Butter would be my first 3 picks.

Use kunoichi - francoise/shanks - flatline - kobold - heimlock/bucket

You can also use shanks instead of francoise for grater support to kunoichi.
Also if you dont have heimlock bucket is the good option for you