Gauntlet store gear update

Any chance there could be an update to the gauntlet store particularly to the gear. I’m a low level noob and already have more gauntlet medals 25k+ and growing every day after buying all the hero frags every day. Seems all the gear in the store has zero use now and has been that way since the lvl40-50 threshold. Some rotating gear items; silver, gold at least maybe sprinkle in a plat once in a while since the drop rate can be frustratingly low for any of it would be great. Can burn 200+ energy and maybe get 3-4 gold gloves when I need 6 to evolve once and no where to buy with the growing gauntlet medals.

Then start buying from the alliance and heronium store, I am level 100 and I still need items from the gauntlet store so I am sure they keep it the way it is for a reason.

I think it’s the gold cybernetic arms I keep needing, those suckers are hard to get with stamina.

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First, I don’t have single 10* hero yet, only 9* so I can’t get heronium. As for the alliance store, I buy the frags but I don’t need fuel cells or swords etc. I do buy some mk cores to stock up for later but they are of no use to me right now. When there was useful gear I need in the alliance store I would purchase it but that has been a while. Meanwhile I’m over 30k in gauntlet medals now even after buying all the frags and nothing else of use is in the gauntlet store. Even adding more frag options would give more options to spend the medals on would work too.

As level 97 player… I would recommend you to buy gold cybernatic hand fragments, gold sword & Gold Throwing Stars regularly… As would need lots and lots of them when you want to make your heroes plat. Gold cybernatic arms needed even after upgrade from plat to higher rank.


Gold fuel cells are one of the items you will need the most to upgrade heroes to platinum 6. Later, once you reach ruby, plat fuel cells replaces them.
You need 33 of those for every plat bar. Maybe even few more.


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