Brawls and picking order

Normally I don’t like brawls, reason is that we don’t get PvP gems and get closer the PvP crate unlock.

But I like this 2, 3 picking order.

All brawls should be like this, it’s fast, and you can really surprise you opponent because you don’t give away to much info with the first pick.

Other brawls take to long and give the opponent to much time to addept to your team


Yes, this is the best brawl format.

Sounds like an issue with you, not the game. I had a great time playing enough to lock in top-250. It didn’t take much effort and the rewards are awesome for the small amount of time it took.

I’ve seen toddlers with better control over there emotions than this.

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I didn’t say it was an issue with the game by the way. I was just venting how stupid this PVP brawl is. I don’t like the PVP in this game anyway and I am not that great at it obviously. You think these are great PVP rewards really? Good for you for locking in at the top 250.

4500 gems, 550 skin tokens, and 75 stamina for like… an hour or so of playing? Sure do.

3k Gems, 400 Skin Tokens and 45 energy for less than 15 minutes. I do not like the event either, but the rewards are worth the little effort.

Wish I could spend that little of time. I consistently met with Heimlock teams where Heimlock was able to 2-3 hit kill each individual hero on my teams. I’m pretty sure that Heimlock isn’t suppose to be a DPS hero, let alone the premier DPS hero. Needless to say lost far more than I won. Maybe one day my Heimlock can dish out that kind of damage too. Would love to see equality between same heroes, ie 10* level 80 platinum Heimlock is equal in every way to a 10* level 80 platinum Heimlock. Still think the rewards are good for this, eventhough the draft is absolutely the most painful PvP. The 2/3 draft was much better than the others.

I’m not sure I get what you’re saying here… This draft event makes every single hero 8* platinum; there is zero variation between any given hero on two different players’ teams.

Heimlock is definitely not a dps hero and if he’s killing your squad that fast, then you really should be considering using a different setup. I can’t imagine any team that would have that much trouble with him. May I ask what 5 heroes you were using?

The hero detail was to serve as an example. Sure, Savage, Halo, Drake, Flatline, and Heimlock. My Heimlock wasn’t even able to harm Kunoichi in the least, yet when I had used heroes like Panzer, Dogface, and Savage, who are far more resilient, the opposing Heimlock would 2 hit kill Dogface and 3 hit kill Panzer and Savage from full health with no assistance. Yes, I know there was no assistance, because my team defeated all but Heimlock and then get wiped out. Oftentimes, Heimlock would throw down streams of fire similar to Steele.

Since plat draft opened I’ve started trying teams I can’t do in normal pvp because their power levels are too different, like five silencers or cinder+keel+three different cover breaker tanks. It’s fun even when I lose (which I usually don’t), and like @WalleWu I put in 15 minutes or less on the whole event.


It’s not possible for heimlock to kill panzer in 3 shots, same with dogface


Also thanks for the random hate you guys spit out about PvP that’s totally unrelated to the topic I made about the draft format.

If you suck at the game and want to whine do it somewhere else and keep your filth out of my topic.


Have a good one


I wanted to put some life in to this again to feel how others think.

But feels like the worst draft format we ever had.

Not enough time to scroll the list to find 4 hero’s, and then at the end you just add something.

I don’t like it

I agree… 4-1 is really weird to me.

Plus, while i understand the reason to “level the playing” field and put all heroes to same stars/promotion/skills, they should be promoted to plat instead of gold in my opinion.

Some heroes really need their gold skill to shine or for team synergy to be a factor.

And it would also allow for newer player to experience the play style of each hero. Giving them a heads of which heroes they want to spend stam/ressource/bucks in order to promote/evolve.

As it is, I usually get killed on my 1st brawl as I notice too late that heroes are stuck at gold.

Side note…
If HH sticks with normalizing all heroes to gold promotion, i would really prefer to receive gem/win crates per win AND have limited lives while the brawl lasts. (can’t have both of those at the same time)

My own experience, as well as most of my alliance. Many would just brawl to get in the rankings then switch to free play

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Thanks for the feedback on the Draft Brawls.
We will definitely consider all the feedback when scheduling future Draft Brawls!

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I do agree the timer needs to be extended to choose that many heroes at once not by a lot but it was a little rushed.

Just want to point out this isn’t totally true. Skins come into play and if you don’t have the skin, you can’t use it in the PVP draft. Not that it’s a huge deal outside of legendary skins, but there is SOME variation with stats.

Yup, that’s what I do. I usually clean sweep the first 3-5 matches (depending on what it takes to qualify), rank somewhere in the 50-100 range, then don’t bother doing the draft again. 10 minutes of work for thousands of gems and hundreds of sta and skin tokens is nice.

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