What happened to the tournament?

what happened to the tournament?:thinking:
where did the good old draft go?:scream:

I specifically lost to show you this.

It’s broke Hahahahahahaha … just like everything else in this game

Muninn never said that. He’d never use those words. You’re just being jerk here trying to come out as a cool guy making up lies and false quotes. Guess what, you failed.

What are U? Devs’ lawyer? they don’t need apple polishing. They can speak for themselves.
If U realy feel for them check guidelines atleast. This is not a box ring.

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It’s a fact he treats players like trash on forums. Read any thread he’s ever closed. They all raised legit questions and concerns.

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No they are not. This is the way they have to opt if this forum should worth reading.

Ce n’est pas censé être platine ?

Hugs CTA! You’re being a jerk here. You need hugs. Sorry I misread your silly comment! Hugs for that! You still make things up and that is harmful for the company and the game - so stop doing it. And more hugs for you.

He closes threads that are dumb like this one. Without any constructive feedback, just rantings and fake quotes and whatnot. Hugs also to All_Saints. :slight_smile:

I read the guidelines, I can read them for you when you go to sleep, just gimme a call.

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entrez dans le tournoi maintenant et vous comprendrez tout vous-même.

Why is this topic stupid?

I think this question worries not only me.

Thread is fine, CTA is just spreading his vitrol on it. Which will likely just get it closed.

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We’re aware of the problem with the brawl. I have people looking into it, but I can’t promise anything will be fixed immediately as it’s the long weekend. No further reports are needed. Thanks for the report!