What is ENERGY TOKEN and how to use them?

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Do anyone know what is ENERGY TOKEN or MECHANICAL TOKEN or BIO CHEMICAL TOKEN ? It is the token which comes after 4 IREZUMI token bundle. Response will be appreciated.


It is a token for a crate that gives a certain kind of frag (frontline, deadline, energy, biochemistry, etc.)

The crate is only available on select days during the week

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There are a few weekly crates called mech, bio, energy, rear line, mid line and front line crates.

These all take the specialty tokens :slight_smile:

Its called specialty tokens. Available in store to purchases ONLY on weekdays (saturday & sunday are closed, i recall).

It will change between days, or weeks. Like today is rearline crate/rearline token. U can purchase it with that “specialty tokens”. But it cost double (2 sp tokens).
Rearline, frontline & midline are worth as hero crates, despite its cost. So, if u lucky (said u can opened Oracle when buy this rearline crate, u’ll get her right away or copy of her frags if u already have her before).

The cheapest one is Bio crate, mech crate & energy crate. It only cost 1 specialty tokens. But it also worth as 30 hero fragments in that elements (half their hero fragment if it need 60 frags to unlock).

So, shop it wisely. i.e: when u ONLY need energy frags as ur favor to their completion, wait for it to reset in another days or week

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