The Featured Faction Pattern


I’m sure others have figured this out, but there IS a noticeable pattern as to who will be the Featured Faction of the month, and that pattern is:

In the Faction Fight, whichever faction is against the currently Featured Faction, will become the new Featured Faction in 3 months.

This was first implemented in June, when the Patriots were featured. During June’s Faction Fight, they were against the UAF. Let’s think of months as numbers: 6 (June) plus 3 gives us 9 (September, the current month), and who’s featured? The UAF.

I can tell you for a fact that October will be Magistrates (in case all the teaser images weren’t enough proof), November will be Shoremen, and December will be The Watch. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the calendar from 3 months before, and who the UAF are battling in the upcoming Faction Fight.

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Aaaaand in comes the July month:
“Remember me?”

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What was the first featured faction month

Please do the math, didn’t had my coffee yet, but I feel your on to something

The first time they had a featured faction was in June. It was the Patriots.

June - Patriots month. Patriots vs. UAF PVP.
July - UAF month. UAF vs. Magistrates PVP.
August - Morlocks month. Morlocks vs. Shoremen PVP.
September - UAF month. UAF vs. The Watch PVP.

Actually the first featured faction was KLG black ops.

Which was way back in March. And the faction fight was UAF vs KLG black ops.


@vestige, I just realised that it’s a helmet and not his eyes, I looked at your icon completely wrong all this time :joy:

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The second faction fight was KLG. If I recall, KLG black ops vs KLG irregulars.

Which was late May / early June.


Patterns are an alien concept to Hothead Games. Everything is arbitrarily decided based on how many points a monkey scores in a game of darts in their secret board room. Why do you think the patterns for things like Super Hero Crate and Faction months are so random?

That’s some hardcore derailing.

You leave Bubbles out of this! How dare you, Sir!