Butter, Keel, Castellan, Min & Phalanx should/must be nerfed

First of all. What META means?
Most Effective Tactic Available.

I’m an Elite PVP ranked player and it’s really common to see, every single PVP tournament, one or more of these heroes in a PVP match (sometimes all of them in the same team). I don’t talk about Free PVP cause most of times you play against bots in this league (of course. Who really plays Free PVP besides the daily 3 matches for the reward).

Of course I play with them, otherwise, I should be paying 10 gold per hero each 3 matches.

So let’s talk about syntomps.

Butter: Even if it’s not the main character (being played by the player) his shields reload to fast (I’ve tried with 4-Cep, Marlowe, Kunoichi and Dogface and they do not “kill” the shield really fast unless you are min-maxing). Combine him with a healer and he’s unbeatable.

Keel: Almost the same as Butter. Even if she’s not the character played by the player, her healing skill realoads too quick, heals all heroes in your team and the healing is too quick. Unless your shooting a hero being healed with two counter-element heroes (and of course, hitting all the shoots, you’ve wasted all your shots). In addition, Keel regenerates the barriers. Most of times, your DPS hero is not a tank/barrier destructor.

Castellan. From dead hero to OP.

His turret skill reloads too quick when he’s being played. He’s able to summon up to 2 turrets and each of them can regenerate themselves or heal Castellan each second. He’s maybe the tank/frontliner hero with the most heal stats in the game. He’s got an special skin which increases his heal and don’t forget his shield which protects even more than Castellan’s heal. For a maxed Castellan, we’re talking about a 2 million heal+shield hero.

Min: Maybe the mos strategic hero but not balanced.

Being played by your opponent is a pain in the…
She basically loads her bronce skill with 1.5 clips. What does it mean? Her target won’t ever use a skill.

In adittion. Her “ghost” has got a lot of heal and the AI usually try to cover it so, when you’re done with her ghost, she’s been already healed and she already has got another ghost for you. Checked on 3v3 last faction PVP.

Phalanx. Maybe the most playable shielder in thd game.

Phalanx is useless. His all team shield is the only thing which makes him playable.

The bad thing about this? Most of time he’s mixed with a super DPS hero or played with a min-max team. Result? All your team being destroyed by a 10 stars 5 plat bars Pinchos, a shielder/healer and a 4 gold bars Phalanx with his gold skill fully upgraded.

Now imagine 4 or all of them in the same team. What a boring PVP match.

I suppose HH devs has got a full all played heroes stats, and also, I’d say Phalanx is maybe in 1 of 3 teams.

I always say this in all the PVP games. If something/someone need an specific object/character to be countered, it’s definitely OP.

I’m not against shielders/healers. But we’ve been in the same META for months, playing against one or even more of these heroes. And something which PVP needs is fresh content, not the same team core with one of two different heroes (of course, faction boosted heroes) every single PVP tournament.


Phalanx is a female, just so you know

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I didn’t, tbh. My bad.

To be fair a lot of people mistake her for a dude. Same goes for bucket

I agree with castellan. My pvp mood is frequently destroyed by 10 straight matches with this guy. He takes forever to die! And fail to kill him after an amount of time? Say bye bye team and 5 hearts, team composition be damned!

By all means, lets just go ahead and nerf all heroes so they’re all useless. Flatline and Ifrit were victims of this mentality. Change your PvP tactics instead of screwing up game play. You understand this affects all aspects of the game, right? Gauntlet, bounty, special events… Hero Hunters is not just about PvP.


FYI, Flat’s is still usable, despite her nerfs. Castellan is a different story about balance. I face him at pvp and i lose against him 8/10. And that is even if I use 3 mechs, if i fail to kill him after a period of time, bye bye team

Btw butter just got nerfee if u payed attention

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At first, yes bucket and phalanx are female. Secondly these characters should not be nerfed they are fine and balanced the way they are, and now I need everyone to stop complaining it is what it is if you don’t like it quit pvp, we don’t want hero nerfs just because some peeps are not able to defeat such teams, edit : and for the record I’m not creating toxicity but I’m just sick about people complaining about the same stuff


This guy must be drunk when he wrote this. Because these heroes aren’t hard to kill at all lol :joy: day


I agree, unless he uses Klayton as damage dealer

Try saying that to the castellans i fight that are still fine despite eating nearly all skills of my mechs, just when i’m one hit away from killing them, he gets a shield. Repeat ad infinitum, after 2 turrets, bye bye 5 hearts. Rinse repeat 10 times.
P.S. im completely sober writing this thank you very much. If Castellan can’t be nerfed, at least give us more counters against him.

Lol, panzer, Marlowe, dogface, beck, kuno, pris, man I can keep going but I don’t want to write down 1/4th of all the heroes, there’s enough counters :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip. I tried those but they’re not very effective.

Then there’s something wrong because mine do

To wit: The problem of castellan for me is that he generates near endless shields. just when you think he’s a shot away from death, shield pops. Destroyed shield, another one pops. Add his turrets, and you get a low-risk, high reward hero. Such heroes cause CGS

I honestly come across sandbaggers and the so called unkillable teams all the time and I have no problem, change the way your approaching your enemy maybe?

Castellan isn’t an issue without the supports, and he takes long to nest in, take out the support then him

I actually do. I take out castellan asap because all times i ignored him, he soloed my team (unless he has only one turret, not very common). And add the fact that i encounter him very frequently really sucks. Plus, unlike Flats he’s hard to burst kill, which really messes up my flow.
P.S. My encounter freq with him isnt an exagg. I played pvp 20 times today and faced him more than half of that. I lost all but one of those encounters.

This seems to mean less that castellan should be nerfed and more so that he does his job, he’s a tank, he’s supposed to draw fire and attention away from his team because he can take more damage.
(Though I did beat plat level Razorback and matador with just castellan, so he might need minor amounts of modification)