What should I max?

I am seriously stuck on district 13-6 And I have no idea what to upgrade. Right now I am level 76. Pls help

Use meta team with phalanx and konold/hemlock

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lazzyyy… (๑ơ ₃ ơ):heart:

You should also post your heroes’ ss joseph

Here you go

for now, work on dogface, nightingale & ryker first… they will help you in pvps & campaign both…

Siren, halo, flat, Marianas, mandrake. Are a good crowd control team


I just got prophet. Is he any good to max

Siren for sure, mandrake, flatline

Not much… You can only see him working good at lower levels

Ok looking at your heroes you need to work on hivemind he is much better at taunts than any other hero. 13-6 is just mass waves of enemies so you need to take someone that hits everyone. Based on your heroes i would try savage halo oracl3 razorback and mauler. Mauler plat skill works with savage 2nd skill so use savage 2nd skill before using his first you will heal from anyone that is defeated during it. Siren would be the easier way but you don’t have her yet.

I should add don’t use savage skills in wave 1 save them both for wave 2. Razorback taunt will help stop them from interupting savage. Every other time you get bronze skill you should have silver skill available. Remember silver skill before savage bronze skill.

For me things die way too early on

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Sorry to revive this post but I just got Kurtz. What do I do with him

Upgrade him! He will help you a lot.

Make him plat & use a lvl 1 green tanker with him +some1 who can increase skill’s the dmg even more like halo(plat)+kreiger(gold)
Then, enjoy ur 15 seconds victory :slightly_smiling_face: