What to invest in for the PvP Store

What should I get in the PvP store

Mandrake & Fortress is nr1 and 2

I was thinking Matador or the sheriff dude
Sorry forgot his name

No, he is just a big pile of meat… a tank with little damage and slow healing

Drake is definitely a prime option, clyde is a amazing DPS, Mauler is supposedly really good at plat, Matador is really good early game, Ghoul provides good Bio chem DPS. Ignore the rest cause they’re garbage unless youre a collector and want to get all the heroes.

Gammond used to be god like but 10 too many nerfs finally got to him and made him near useless…Matador is a balanced choice but his healing is bugged so it doesnt last 10 seconds.

Gammon, the sheriff dude used to be a good hero, until they nerfed him to death… started with that 3-4 months ago, totally unessesary

Also go for fortress, hes really good mid level and hes good at punishing dumb players and stupid AI.

My load out

I would recommend getting hardscope to silver and some extra stars… his healing drone is insane.

Mandrake gold is what you should aim for, try also to get dogface from gautlet, he has high damage

So Drake from the PvP store

yep, get him to gold before anyone else.

Ok thanks for the quick replies and all the help guys

Don’t use him before that he’s pretty fricken useless unless you want to piss off a whiny 12-year old by hiding the whole match

Whenever newer players ask me this in-game I always tell them to use all PvP gems on Mandrake and Gammond. That’s what I did in the begginning and those two heroes helped me a ton in all game modes.

Gammond not so much anymore. Too many nerfs.

Who to invest in for the gauntlet store

All of them are really good, but try to balanced them. Try to invest in dogface the most though cause Gauntlet is the best way to get shards for him. Flatline is found in hero crates and Maven you get everyday in daily quests.

Definitely get Dog first from Gauntlet store. He is great in both PVP and PVE. Maven is only good in PVE, while Flatline in PVP.