Which one is best at ruby?

I have currently 1 mk6 and mk5 core but im confused between the metador and phalax.
What you think about them which one is better at ruby metador or phalax.

Depends upon what you want to prioritise , I heard at Ruby , Matador is better then Phalanx.

Also you should look to Ruby - Serial and Kurtz for Extreme Missions.

Even Jackal is a good dps at Ruby. Even Sapphyr and Lancer . Just got to balance it out between the three Factions.

Also you need to avoid the Heroes with Support or Healing Ruby skills and focus on the Heroes with Doing Damage Ruby Skills as they are provide you with a edge in PVP.

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With phalanx nerf, matador is better, because he can shield everyone,everytime (until the last barrier).
Phalanx shield is weak at the moment

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Maybe u’ll interested to this…
Gale has solid reasons for his explanation on rubies…

Btw, what’s ur IGN, @Gale?

The link is below:
(What to upgrade)

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My ign is x starlord x.

I have already planned to make sypper, lancer, kurtz and kriger to the ruby. Im just confused between the metador and phalax .

People asked devs to provide RUBY in duel & we got… I guess, we can utilize that awesome feature by some manners like whom to upgrade…cuz, at the end…We’ve to use our heroes… So, test them & see who works best for u

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Phalanx will always be better imo, matador is okay but phalanx is tankier as most used dps is Bio so energy is harder to kill. Not to mention matador provides a mech shield which bio still rips through.

@TrialZee my name is Ghastly.

Make sure you ruby serial before all else though, he is the best hero in the game for all game modes still

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Ghastly is looks like heard somewhere.i think in pokemon right !!

Well i dont want to waste my core on the wrong heros because its hard to obtain

Testing heroes in duels doesn’t mean u’re wasting ur mks…

Gastly(not ghastly) is a ghost & poison type Pokemon which changes into ghost when he evolves upto level 25.
Have a great day!

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