What's going on on that Game!?

Whats going on on that Game!? Im not ready anymore to spend 1Cent on it if its rest like that!

Spending Money too loose every singel match against OP Bots on PVP its not what i understand as Pay for Fun!

Events comes 1 day after other with same Point system so if you wana get all rewards you must spend gold too reach the last reward… no time too amount gauntlet and pvp gems… for it. Every event should be done without spending money on extra gold not?

Take away gold from dayle rewards sure the player paying for it… the game looks every day more a way to take money from players… But the Player dont get any fun on spending money on it! Think about it!

You guys going loose alot Paying members if its rest like that!

Takes month to apply button with a “you’r sure you want spend gold”… No don’t apply any securement so we can get more money from players…

You see how the players thinking???

We start realy too think if that Game is worth the money and time…

there is alot more i can say about whats not realy good…

I say only Think about it and go ahead and make the game again playable and more fun for the players… than the players are rdy to spend money!

Vupi from FPM


I would like to see a reply on iT Huginn! I think the guys deserve iT! Because Some of us really payed DAMN well enough for this game!


Thanks for this feedback it helps prioritize our tasks to help address important issues. I’ve picked up on two of your points to focus on, PvP and Events.

I understand your frustrations with the current PvP system. as players ourselves, we feel the same about it which is why we are giving it an overhaul in 0.8. We’re changing how matches are made and how points are determined and awarded. The new system should feel less punishing and more rewarding the higher your team power is. I’m currently working on a post that will detail out how the new system will work, I plan to share that this week.

Your feedback on the event pacing is important to us and we will try to incorporate all feedback we can into future schedules whenever possible. We’re constantly collecting data and feedback to improve our events and make them more enjoyable for everyone. Recently we made improvements to the reward structure to make their rewards even better, and we’re currently working on new ways to earn points for events. You’ll be able to see some of these new event types with the “Go Savage” event.


Its funny to see that you can buy a 5 star hero for 2700 gold that mean 110 euro! How is this possible even! Come on guys iT is really horrible to see!

How Good this game was without spending any money on iT, But now its like Okay you payed already, So pay more if you want everything.

Some Guy in me alliance payed over more then 1200 euros and still he isnt the best and powerfull in the game!
IT is really weird!

And then about Savage again;

I was Reading the rules, But you can win HIM buy playing with HIM in your team? So first you have to buy HIM? And then you get HIs fragments in the event?


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I think it’s s bit over priced for that hero. I payed 20€ for the 8* odachi… and 5 or 10€ for Bolt 5*. And pay that amount of gold for a 5* hero you can get 1 week later like free in event it’s not realy strategic to get more money… I think you had take a less price and i’m for sure you get more money than now ;).

greez Vupi

I fully agree with the above and have also decided not to spend anymore until the game gets a proper balanced game play.

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@Freakpyromaniacs, what kind of changes would you like to see?

I think we already told and explained a lot what we would like to see!
For instance;

Brightness the background a bit
PVP isn’t still fixed (still a lot of higher bots)
Events are a lot the same Where you cant get all the rewards without spending money ( I can see in my alliance Because normally we are 2nd But now we were 8th Because I didnt spend a dime!)

There is still no “are you sure” button!
The gold from the daily awards is gone and we get more quick wins were we can do nothing with without spending any more money AGAIN!

Now we can get an early Savage if we pay 110 euro?
Where is this game going? Do you get money for iT for everytime we lay in Some money?

I like to play iT Because we get more interactive we each other in the alliance, But there were already 6 people in my alliance who quit the game Because of all the money they had to pay everytime!

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hey Dylan help me pleade
please give me the link to upate this game
because this game not available in this country (india)