I hate the new evet

First off I hate the three lives, second this event ends on Monday which is school for me, third I can’t say it enough the power is not matching up like say I have 5 star nightgale and then for some reason it matches me with a nightgale that has 7 stars and has 2-3 gold, lastly the points are ridiculous and it takes for ever right now I lost all lives and now I have to wait for them to restore and no I will be buying Vip when this game is easy to lvl up and to upgrade but when comes to unfair plays then why bother buying Vip
Also I’m not going against anyone but every single time in the global chat I see anyone wants carries and it’s annoying sometimes and yes its nice to ask others if they need help ,fine I agree with you but can we just have a normal conservation, not to personal nor boring just a regular conservation and it can be anything even the game it’s self something else
But anyways pvp is super annoying and most of the time the players aren’t even players and half of them are bots and how do I know this well I try sending them a duel fight and I trying sending them a message and they never respond
Whew that’s was a lot to write

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