Game progressing too fast in some areas and not others

Imo the new updates and the rapid fire PvP events have produced a massive need to spend money to stay relevant. My examples are:

  1. Stamina is too low to really farm any of the things needed to upgrade character bars, it literally takes a week or more to push a gold 3 to gold 4 maven or phalanx for example. The drop rates of items are another story.

  2. Cash is nowhere near farmable enough for the amount you need. 2.5 million for a 10 star evolution, throw in the needed currency for skill upgrades thanks to the new levels as well. Also cash is used to summon bounties at 30k starting. I love gauntlet as a way to farm cash, but it needs some upgrades.

  3. PvP and gauntlet store should actually restock when it says it does. All it does is reset your restock amounts and price. It does not restock the goods, forcing you to pay a restock fee to restore sold out items you’ve bought.

  4. The prices of items in the Alliance store and the gauntlet store are too high. 25 skin tokens for 900 alliance points is a bit much, you can get frags for cheaper. 700 gauntlet gems for a gold item is a lot too when it takes 2-3 sectors to get that much. I think there should be an increase in those two currency earned if the prices won’t change.

  5. Please take hero xp out of the PvP 5 win crates. There’s honestly no bigger slap in the face than winning 5 games to get hero xp, that most of us have saved by the thousands. Turn that to Heronium lol. Better yet how about skin tokens

  6. Restore the piggy bank ever so often. It gave a decent gold discount that most would love to have right now, in the age of overpriced tiered crates. Yes you spend money on this but it’s discounted so a middle compromise.

  • These are just my thoughts if anybody wants to add to them go ahead.

I agree with many points stated here. Especially 1.
Regarding 2: don’t spend bucks to summon bounties. :slight_smile:


I don’t but this isn’t just about me. Do bounties pop up when you beat them all like alliance.patrols? If so that’s pretty useful info.

They pop up on random as you and everyone else in your alliance clears or replays or quick wins a Campain mission.

Also PvP, gauntlet and raids I thought

You made some good points, I really agree with the bucks, and you’re spot on since lvl 55 cap has been increased, collecting bucks hasn’t gotten easier, besides the events that sometimes have bucks rewarded, skills getting more expensive every level it’s really hard to upgrade them all

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Lol I know they pop up randomly in different game modes that’s not the point. It’s another area that shows something that you can spend cash on.

I don´t know why so many people need so long to level up their heroes to platinum. Sure if you have no bronze canister it takes long. But if you change through the elements, you get enough items to get from gold to platinum in two weeks, without energy resets.

We need more cash. Biggest let down is, that you can level every new hero to max level instantly and to gold in two days, but then you need a week to level up the skills. You need two days cash to level a platinum heroes skills from 65 to 70 and it will even get harder, because level 78 will be comining soon.

The goods are reset at my game. I have no idea why it doesn´t do at yours.

The price in the stores is okay. You can buy two gold items a day without reset in gauntlet. Sure more would make it easier, but if it is to easy you wouldn´t stay hooked or pay for resets if you are to impatciened to wait.
Skin tokens are to expensive, I am with you with that. But you get them in every PvP tournament, so no need to buy them.

As the game continous and the level cap rises, we will need the hero exp later. It feels like a slap now, but I think we will need them later. Also not everyone had time to store housands while the level cap was lower. New players need to have the chance to fast level up, too.

These are my thoughts on your thoughts. If anybody wants to add on them. Go ahead :wink:

I think it would also help if the gold skill would be higher than lvl 21 when you promote a hero to gold, maybe 31 or higher

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Hero xp is given freely in daily rewards, you also get it from playing levels, giving it in PvP is still overkill imo.

Stockpiling items has nothing to do with the meager amount of stamina we have, and two weeks to take 1 hero from gold to plat doesn’t seem like a long time to you?

The goods in the PvP store and the gauntlet store do not reset if you bought something you have to pay to restock

Skin tokens are being pushed now will that always be the case?

Other than that I can’t argue with your opinion

I don´t think that this is a long time. Sure faster is always better, but I always look at it from a developers point of view. You have to balance the progress between to fast and to slow. If it is to slow, the players will lose interest, because they can´t move on. If it is to fast, players will lose interest too, because you “finished” the game to fast and got nothing to do anymore.
You always have to take into account that they want to make money with it, so there has to be some bottlenecks you have to buy through, or be patient and take your time. With the alliance and heronium store they gave as a tool to speed up the progress a bit. Do you remember how hard it was to get a hero to gold, because of silver fuel canisters? Now you can buy 50 a day. With leveling the heroes to platinum, you get into end game. And for endgame 10-14 days per hero is okay for me.

The midnight reset only resets your own resets, so you can use them again. The other reset resets the store itself. With me that reset is at 5pm. I don´t know when yours is, it depends on your time zone. So there are two different resets. One for the resets you can buy PvP gems or Gauntlet gems. And one to reset the goods in the stores.

True. I’ve been getting only 2 to 3 gold throwing stars per 10 quick win the last week. It’s horrendous. Lucky if I get 5. And you need 20 of them. Was it always like this?

Yeah. I was terrified of the price when it shot up to 600gold. I just refuse to spend that much when the previous tier had a very good price. I was expecting the price of the bank to get cheaper, not higher with each purchase.

It took me THIRTEEN quick wins on 6-5 just to get 1 Gold Throwing Knives to show up. 1 of 7 Sets of items I need for one piece of gear to help get Oracle to Gold +2. There are no words to describe how irrationally frustrated I was…

So yeah the drop rates really need to be looked at for gear pieces

That is bad luck. 3-4 out of 10 quick wins are a normal ratio to get them.

Yeah it was beyond ridiculous, when I got to count 11 I was wondering what the hell was going on. I have seen it get as bad as 7 quick wins before, getting what you need. But yesterday was horrible, and stupidly expensive with stamina.

So 3 is normal. Had some luck today and got a 7/11.

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