Whats the Backstory behind your name?

There are many interesting names in the Hero Hunters Community. What does your name mean and how did you come up with it?

I used ULFPAM in all games the last 3 years.
Ulf, basically since it’s my least favourite Swedish name and I tend to get obsessed with it, and Pam since it’s the name of my cat.

Many years ago on holiday in Egypt the animators always said HAMAUETAK when it came to any sporty competitions. When asked what this means they said "I will kill you“ (in sporty sense). Since then I have used the word purely in phonetic spelling as a nickname in many games.

I have used Shanegrilla in games since i was young. It comes from Shane, my name and Shangri-La, the mythical city. The first time I was entering my username for a game I mistyped and instead of a dash I did an extra L. And so i have used it for all my games since. I never have to put numbers after my username to keep it unique from other usernames. Because let’s face it, how many other Shane’s out there will combine their names with Shangri-La AND mistype another L in place of the dash.

My username is 3 out of 4 letters of my first name and the numbers was because I needed it to be longer when I first signed up to club penguin when I was about 6. I chose 132 because I wanted to be “original” and not just add 123 :joy:

So start with your name;)

IDK really know why I chose that name, I just wanted to be a part of a community

I went by the username Njbaseball is almost everything I played growing up, even after I stopped playing the sport I still used it for many games and sites. A few friends joked with me about still having it and I figured it was time to create a new one. That game I played had a bunch of names I wanted to go by already taken and I tried Benched as a joke related to my old one (Getting benched meant you no longer were playing). The name stuck and is usually available as a name in any game I play now!


i have been using name ‘ScOrPiOn’ for almost 6 years in every games like Dota2, CS-GO, Mortal Kombat and so on. i am a big fan of evil version of Hanzo Hasashi AKA SCORPION. but couldnt use it in HH coz its already taken so tried LONEWOLF, which is also taken already and now fixed with “IAMLONEWOLF”. i usually solo carry my team in DOta or CSGO so this name is perfect for me.

My name in xboxlive and a few other games was crash just got bored with it and changed the c to sea

Because the game won’t allow swear words.

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Once Ive a GF named ANI STARGIRL....... SO I named maself as MAD STARBOY.... Since then Im using MAD STARBOY…:heart_eyes:

I created this when I played fantasy games and I wanted something that sounds a bit powerful and related to Greek mythology, so I came up with this name and used it ever since

I violate vegetables.


I always guessed that the story behind your name!

I started to use Vintermyst when I went to an IKEA and was looking at the item names. One name began with ‘Vinter’, and I changed it a bit to turn it into my current name. The word itself means “Winter-something”.
So far it’s worked out great, most people just call me Vin or Vinter. :slight_smile:

The word “myst” is Swedish meaning “have been having a cozy time” , like the “have done” class of “mys” which is like… Cozy time.

If I’d say “jag har vintermyst hela helgen!” that would mean I’ve been doing cozy winter stuff all weekend for example making ginger bread, had a warm glögg, and wrapped gifts.


Then that’s me then! Mr. Cozy Winter man! :wink:

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Always fun with swedish people


Yes, but I am a 100% full-blooded, cheeseburger-eatin’, freedom-lovin’, gun-totin’ AMERICAN, LOL :joy: