Dear developers, ( suggestions ) a new name for the game here!

Current name ( what we thoughtl ) :
Hero hunter = hunt = attack

New name suggestions ( reality ) :
Hero healer = healing & revive
Hero defender = shields & invisibility

I hope u get my point, the PVP should be all about strategies, use & combination of different hero in best way but it is really all about surviving now

Even the game play itself become very predictable and boring
First bring Dogface or Ronin
2nd kill ifrt and flatline ( :rage:or both​:rage: )
3rd kill strong defenders like butter& castle
4th kill Opponent Dogface or Ronin
If u was lucky enough to survive to reach step 4 and ofcourse it depends on doing step 1 or else u lose ot times out, in the end the reason u won is because u have a lot of healer and defender yourself i am sure a lots of player will see this familiar

And u can’t blame players for this as they just want to compete the rest is on u as the game become really out of balance right now

Please restore balance and strategies to the game, thank u
( this was out of love ofcourse)


you telling the game devs how to name their product? oof.

with the countless PvP threads that have been created or are still active, find a combo that works and can counter the teams. no one team is powerful.

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