Gilded heros problem

First id like to say i know why gilded exclusive heros are important, with that being said the total randomness is killing some of our top paying players. I see players with vip15 and still missing gilded heros. Some i have confirmed that they grab every gilded token they can get their hands on. With all that $ and effort they are still missing 1 or even 2 gilded heros. Then i see players with vip 0 and have all gilded heros. Without spending a penny. Does that seem fair? Even with the gamble i dont think so. We are playing a game. Not gambling in a casino. Lol

Now im not saying to change the gilded crate. I do like it and the exclusiveness of the heros make them worth investing time and $ into. Still i think something needs to be done. So this is what i propose.

Option 1: start releasing a featured crate with the old gilded heros like you did with serial. You can hold back the latest hero to still make the gilded crate exclusive. All while giving your top paying player the choice to spend $ on that gilded hero crate. Like most did with serial and kurtz.

Option 2: make gilded coins more accessible and affordable. If we are going to gamble give us enough chances to have a fighting chance. Its that simple. So far gilded tokens have been limited to achieve and buy. Even when you get the option to buy its never a gilded exclusive pack.

I would like to end this with Saying this is purely my observation. I started this topic in hopes to possibly better this situation and make things easier for others to gain old gilded hero exclusives.

Thank you for your Time and i look forward to hearing some feedback. :slight_smile:


It’s all about luck. I’ve gotten all guilded hero’s from the coins I’m only vip 7 and never spent any money on coins. Spending money doesn’t guarantee hero’s in this game. Just hope your luck gets better

Its not the luck. Its the lack of accessibility. Give us better options to gain these heros. Either by grinding or by spending money. This is not for the latest hero. The ones that are older. The ones that are not so exclusive anymore. Option 1. Or give us access to more gilded tokens. Option 2. :wink:
There has to be a better solution then. Hey. Hope ya luck changes. Lol


The guild crate is based 100% on luck and only that

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They give out coins atleast once a week, they are supposed to be exclusive and not the easiest to get

Also the razordome crate has a chance, y33t has a chance to get a coin. Plenty of options

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When did this game become more about luck and less pay to play? Lol
Only one per week is guaranteed. The special crates give little to no gilded coins. Even then you are more likely to get 60 frags on some bs hero then something exclusive. So tell me where the accessibility is? I dont see it. Even if we do get more access to gilded tokens it still will not change anything you just said.


What do you think hero crates are and any crates that come out? You’re not guaranteed anything when you pull from crates it’s all based on luck.

it doesnt matter if you have VIP status or not. It tells you the chances of unlocking a gilded hero, which isnt that high. There is a reason many are trying to stockpile on it, so when the time comes they can use what they want and maybe land it. Ive only lucked out on one of the gilded heroes.

gilded tokens are available during solo PvP blitzes, a chance at getting one in the current Y33T crate, sometimes in special offers, in other crates. There are several options for a chance to get them. but it doesnt guarantee you will actually unlock the hero. Its a 2.11% (with the exception of Pariah at 3.38%) chance to get it.

It may seem low, but its a higher chance than some of the other basic heroes (who stand out at 0.40%)

I agree 100%. Nothing is guaranteed. But you can keep trying. You have the choice to push or spend as much as you want. All i want to see is at the very least better options at those heros. Let the player chose how far they are willing to go. Dont let dumb luck predict the outcome then severely limit our chances at said dumb luck. There has to be a balance between luck and the choice on how far a player is willing to go. :slight_smile:

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Once again. This issue is not about the luck or the statistics. I accept the luck and even embrace it. :wink:

I imagine he brought up VIP status because the higher the level, the more money you’ve spent. Money that may have been used to buy offers with Gilded Tokens (or other crates that have them).

What if they added a very small chance at a Gilded Token when you open a Hero Crate? Maybe put in Specialty Crate Tokens while they’re at it.

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Think specialty crates have them. I could have sworn I saw it in like midline crate.

Gilded crate heroes are completely luck based. They’re there exclusively. Makes it to farm them though, so I think that fragments of gilded heroes should be available in stores once to get that gilded hero. And you get gilded coins every once in a while, it’s not like the devs will give coins once every month or something. The devs could do a gilded hero buyable pack though.

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I agree, I think one way around it is to not only make the coins now accessible as kingpin suggests, but to increase the % chance after a number of weeks to a maximum level i.e. 5% , so that the chance to get an older bro is increased. Otherwise it just becomes as frustrating as hell.

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Current model for guilded tokens is democratic. This give a chance to everyone and give goal to high levels get something even when they reach every hero in other crates.

If devs remade model like this posted in first message this will be first step to borrow this game and turn all things in pay to win. And topicstarter will be first who start whinning about that.

If player with high VIP jealeous to VIP 0 player this is not wrong game. This is mentality circumstances.

The upside to this is that the game is 100% playable without Heroes exclusive to the Gilded Crate. I’m not sure how this is “killing” top players, who likely have 50+ other Heroes to build a solid team with, but as always, I’ll pass on your feedback. Thanks!


Where have you been? This whole games design is pay to play. Especially on the top level of gameplay. Lol People spend thousands on this game. Me not being one of those players still being vip12 and being over 1.8 mill. Its the principle. You expect your top paying players to pay massive amounts of real $ and then limit the availability of that crate. Im not saying this out of jealousy. I just see something that is not balanced to the structure of the pay to play game. Lets not kid ourselves. This is the game we are playing and there is a lot of players more then happy to do so.

Killing your top paying players is a saying. The structure you designed is based to get more $ out of the players. Thats no secret. These players are spending top dollar to get every hero. Lets be honest. You dont spend that kind of money to not have every hero. Thats the killing part. Not the crate. Not the money The availability to that crate and its heros, especially the older heros. How many heros we have should not be a factor in this topic. :wink:
So i ask. Theres no way to create a featured crate with older gilded crate heros or maybe even make gilded tokens a bit more accessible through gameplay or special offers geared more towards the gilded crate? This will generate more revenue and further help HH development.
Thats the whole reason for this topic. To give us more choices. Grinding or spending money. Either one will more then help the issue i see in a flawed pay to play structure.
As always. Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

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Or maybe reduce the number of 3* heroes in gilded crate that could improve our chances of getting heroes we want