Where is the GameChanger DECA?

I’ve rummaged around a bit and think I found what you mean.

GameChanger (post from April 2021)

Yes, now it’s November '22 (19 ! months later) and nothing has actually changed.

I am aware that DECA does not implement everything that players imagine, wish or would like to have. There were already enough ideas/suggestions at HH times. (browse) ;o)

Optionally, DECA could also do it by making suggestions e.g.: (a DECA employee) "Hello players, in the next few months we’ll let you decide what we should work on, every month we do a survey with topics , the topic with the most votes will be edited, for the next month you can choose

  1. Min’s Zombie Simulator

  2. A brand new, unprecedented PVP event

  3. Brutaly CO-OP missions, with special rewards only available there.

Dear players, but be aware that this programming does not happen overnight and will take time

Just an idea :wink: