Where is the GameChanger DECA?

Even after today’s update with the new hunter ENIGMA….

zero changes in real gameplay.

Wish / suggestion:
++ VOID and ASTRAL fragments as bounty rewards, increasing by milestone.
++ Equipment boosters over, for example, 30 days registration, with which you can then also process extreme extreme levels. (Shield, weapon bonus, healing…).
++ Glyphs via events, with which you can upgrade power, shield, health.
++ Exchanges within an alliance to hero fragments or element fragments, as well as brands, coal, etc can exchange. Possibly also skins, if sb has these twice.
++ New story with new enemies. Let’s hunt demons or zombies. This allows creative space without end.
A bounty on such targets, where it gives more points if you finish a target in round 1. Maybe targets that you are not allowed to hit, like civilians, that could then give point deduction. Also aliens for my sake, but please just a creative enemy refresh!
++ Being able to play story in pairs would be cool.
++ Alliance war is lame and dominated by deals, this is nothing new. The event should be pimped or dropped. VOID plus ASTRAL- fragments as rewards would exhume incentives at least here. Otherwise you could give like in the game RISIKO special tasks like " defeat the Blue Army (more sectors at the end)"… Or “own zone 124 at the end”. That brings me then also to a MAP with more sectors and continents. Starting sectors should be randomly assigned and build HQ where you want (on a continent where you start). First round after 1h from where you have sectors. Or leave it as boring as it has been for a long time. Since many start and do nothing after day 1.
++ otherwise you see in other games also other weapons that you can equip and improve.

Finally, DECA has unfortunately not fulfilled the promise to bring an ultimate update, which will make everyone proud - unfortunately


One small thing at a time sounds good lol, first universal frags should be made U N I V E R S A L

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Basically, we always want what we don’t have but others have.

Ok, we all want V/A Frags as a bounty reward, of course why not. But why the same for all milestones? As a top reward at milestone 1, maybe 50/50 for both types would be enough for now. Throwing in a few frags at some events (possibly also alliance events) would also be ok. Why not offer V/A Frags (I think twice the price of other Frags) in the Heronium Shop. It would be clear, however, if the developers actually made the Unifrags into “UNIFRAGS”, very, very many players would get all their V/A heroes at 10* from now on, the variant would be too simple.

There should never, ever be trading between players for whatever (bucks, gold, skins…whatever). You form your own alliance with a few side acces, jump in whenever there’s something to get and then leave. So that’s probably wishful thinking.

Missions for two? We currently have Normal, Hard and Extreme missions (these should stay the way they are). What comes after that, maybe brutal as a co-op variant… yeah that would be cool.

Yes, the Ally War is no longer a war. All of this has to be decided within 10 minutes, occupy most of the 2* sectors as quickly as possible, take NAPs, the end! In the Hothead days there were a few suggestions where nothing happened, maybe DECA is taking things a little more seriously.

(My feedback on your ideas)

My suggestion would be HH stands for Hero Hunters, however HH also stands for Happy Hour. How about if in this hour (Primetime 8pm-9pm?) e.g. only have to pay half for some things (energy, gold, bucks) or conversely get double the amount, Hero XP, Player XP, PVP/Gauntlet Gems …

Of course there is also something I don’t have and would like to have, so the question is more in the direction of DECA: Will there ever be Gilded Heroes Tokens, Forged Fantasy Tokens or a Teraventa Heroes Bounty (with a view to a bounty crate)? Kind of unlucky to draw these heroes. Otherwise, these heroes are currently not available.

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Few questions;

  1. do you mean we shouldn’t be able to trade items, like skins, gold, frags, gems, that stuff, or do you mean we shouldn’t be able to trade coops,
    (I agree with no trading of items like cores, gold, heros, elemental frags, and skins)
  2. YES, we need void and astral frags. Deca is aware they aren’t in the game, but the first step they should make is to let us add universal frags to those characters, and adding the ability to gain void elemental frags and astral somewhere in the future, maybe via the heronium store. (Like your idea to have them added to bounty tiers like the others)
  3. I myself have wondered about a coop version of extreme. But maybe teams of 4, or still teams of 5, but this is something that might not happen and if at all, probably further down the line,
  4. I love to idea Of HHHH (Hero Hunters Happy Hour). Would be so cool if every Friday they had a hour dedicated to making everything cheaper. What exactly would you like to see have prices reduced? Also reduced by what percentage?

Love the ideas, but remember deca is still a bit new to this. Some of the heros they made were already in development by hot head, and I beleive the first hero made solely by them way barrel. So some of these ideas might be a bit far out of reach at the moment, but these ideas are amazing non the less. (Love the happy hour idea)

Love the ideas! - Bash

Hi BaherBenDawg.
According to trade: Yeah I mean all exchanges. I understand the argument of Checkpoint, but SideACCs about which you can donate you must also build up first, they are also not simply there. DECA must do something and if nothing else comes to mind, except new heroes, then you should think about everything!
In the German community more good players stop, as new players come to it.
These are facts and not polemical statements. I’ve been there since the beginning and every month I get closer to quitting, especially when someone you’ve known for a long time says goodbye.
I’m not a little kid and it’s not about getting something that others have! It’s about the fact that nothing followed from DECA on promises and that for months, and that the game dies so! As I said, then all proposals come to the table, which does not mean that everything must come so, but if nothing happens, then the game dies!

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Yes, exchanging items between accounts should never come.
Also yes deca does need to make some changes to keep the player base active, as well as adding things for players further down the line to keep them active, and maybe some game adds as well as a special login calendar allowing them to unlock a hero and fully maxed plus skin for logging in on all days, I feel like that would attract a lot of new players and keep them engaged.
Regardless, at least we aren’t waiting around for long periods of time in between updates, and deca is starting to pick up speed. The change to kiers ability shows we could have much needed changes to hero’s later on. Anyway I think we just need to wait a bit while they learn more and more about how the game works and improve upon additions to the game. But yes suggestions are always something that they could use, to listen to, and take inspiration from. Keep up the stellar ideas!

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I’ve rummaged around a bit and think I found what you mean.

GameChanger (post from April 2021)

Yes, now it’s November '22 (19 ! months later) and nothing has actually changed.

I am aware that DECA does not implement everything that players imagine, wish or would like to have. There were already enough ideas/suggestions at HH times. (browse) ;o)

Optionally, DECA could also do it by making suggestions e.g.: (a DECA employee) "Hello players, in the next few months we’ll let you decide what we should work on, every month we do a survey with topics , the topic with the most votes will be edited, for the next month you can choose

  1. Min’s Zombie Simulator

  2. A brand new, unprecedented PVP event

  3. Brutaly CO-OP missions, with special rewards only available there.

Dear players, but be aware that this programming does not happen overnight and will take time

Just an idea :wink:

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