The Bounty Event, The Update and The Compensation

Hello everyone ! :wave:

Let us start by apologizing once again for making a mess of the Bounty Event. Let’s face it, that’s what we did.

:small_orange_diamond: Why did it happen?

Some of you already figured it out. The update delay caused the issue. The missing new hero to be exact.

:small_orange_diamond: How did we miss it?

We understand that it may not seem like it but we are still in the early phase of development after acquiring the game. Many technical processes and tools need to be worked on until all bumps are straightened out. This is the reason the update is delayed and why we’ve been having troubles with the events.

:small_orange_diamond: What are we doing about it?

First and foremost, we’ll learn from this experience, so we prevent issues like this from happening again. Second, we will send you all a gift to express our appreciation for sticking with us and helping us overcome these annoying issues. We did our best to make the gift as generous as possible and with players in mind. You can expect it together with the upcoming update. :soon:

Thank you! :heart:


Gracias deca por seguir pensando en nosotros los jugadores, sería bueno un evento para obtener la piel mística de mk2 y seguir disfrutando del juego

Thank you deca for continuing to think of us players, an event would be nice to get the mk2 mystical skin and continue enjoying the game

Deca can you bring back the speciality token crate… Now its not running across the week… Please look into it…

I understand you’re having issues with the update and we accept that, but give us a few coop pvp and other pvp events that help get ruby core frags.

This hero is recommended isabi

@Antonio_Diaz Your messages seem to get flagged because they are not in English. Please submit your comments in English, so I can reply. Thanks! :smiling_face:

Rewards? What kind of goodies we talking?

The best thing to provide the player see right now are ruby cores along with maybe 5 star tokens for the lower level player like me and a vast majority,

Also on an unrelated note, please nerf stygia or look into it, in pvp she’s causing major problems and if you don’t have her and you come across her you will lose, her sheild has no cooldown, it’s 2 decimal points 2 high sometimes, and her stun can be spammed stunning a entire team for an entire match, it’s really frustrating and I hope you look into it, but don’t really nerf her, I suggest revamping her, as that makes people happier,

Thank you for listening and also communication with us all in this time where there is little communication and little things to do, we appreciate y’all over there and hope y’all get that update out! Take your time, (but not to much, we can’t take it that much longer!)


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Can you at least tell us the featured faction for the upcoming update and the element for the new hero? @bulls.eye

Likely energy from assuming and the faction should be UAF airborne

Thank you deca for thinking about the hero players, but the game is getting very bad because the events and rewards are far away to improve the players, they are difficult to find in the game even energy hehehe

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So much for compensation, a bit of gold and cores that players earn by simply playing the game.

Proper compensation would have been ruby mk3 and mk6 cores, most wanted tokens and hero crate tokens commensurate with what we’ve been unable to earn via events for the past 5 months.

I’m probably going to quit the game I’ve played for nearly 5 years since my favourite "proper " dev has finally released their followup to Vainglory, namely Catalyst Black.


True, really lacked on those cores for yall, I know that they are pretty hard to get, at least 2 or more most wanted tokens would have been nice, also the gilded crate is pretty bad, can that get an update? Like heros with low chances have higher chances and all 3 star or less are removed,


Still waiting on the compensation! How many bounty events did we miss since deca took over?? At least 4, thats 20 most wanted crates… the PvP events, should have had at least one if not two ruby VI cores. This ‘gift’ would seem appropriate three years ago, now…just another slap in the face!

The compensation should have been there since yesterday. Restart game if you don’t see it.
HHG would not have send out a compensation. Be happy you still get some

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