Where’s the eggs for gold in special offers

So hopefully it’s an oversight that is corrected but where are the standard eggs for purchase in the special offers store. Some people that work lots don’t have time to hunt like that. So it’s nice having the purchase option. It’s also a revenue stream for HH. Will they be added later or not this time?


I was thinking it will be up once the current events for purchase expire.

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** I posted this over with the Google Document for Location of the Eggs. But it seems to be more appropriate here.**

Just a quick question, Is there going to be a Special Store to buy Egg tokens like the last scavenger Hunt?
I only ask this cause I’ve been fighting brain tumor for years now, and I can no longer run in manual mode cause my eyes can’t focus fast enough and sometimes my hands react like there’re in slow motion.
Look forward to your reply!!
Ok thanks.

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I’m sure they’ll be available for purchase… may take a few days. I’ve yet to see a scavenger hunt where they haven’t offered it.


I know right.

I just haven’t seen a scavenger hunt take this long after it started to offer the “Scavenger Store,” (thats what we call it in my alliance.)

So I was getting a bit confused & concerned. I’m hoping you’re correct Tattooed!

still no opportunity to buy eggs from the store… anyone know whether this is intentional or is it a bug??

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Hopefully they will be available at some time before the store expires otherwise we just have enough for the mk5, mk6, and a few frags.

Sounds intentional. If you follow the scavenger hunt guide, you can get them. That’s one option currently being worked on.

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Yea but a few of my lower accounts won’t be able to max it out. Would be nice to buy some eggs to fill the gap on them.

they always offer the option to buy extra eggs or presents for each scavenger hunt. Not sure why they made a decision this time not to offer it.

Maybe after bounty? Still too early to say they aren’t going to offer it. :slight_smile:

doesnt look like they’re going to give us the option go buy extra eggs from the store…

Offers just arrived at this reset! :slight_smile:

haha yh just saw it… finally!!!

Don’t see it in mine

the option has been removed now… not sure why

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