Which hero needs a “change” the most?🤨

I named a few of the heroes that seem to be very underrated or need a change, vote based on your opinion which of these heroes seems to have the most potent that they don’t get. I am not specifically talking about a buff, it could also be a nerf. For example if marianas is so good that we would rather have her only deal damage to lifted(or rooted instead of out of cover) so she is more fun to play with and less infuriating to play against. Though you could also say for example torque. Like have him heal the lowest instead of closest, or make his turrets taunt at some point to utilize the gold and platinum more.

If you have any hero or change i did not mention i would love to see it in the comments!

Let me know what you think here and feel free to start a discussion!

  • Marianas gold change
  • Klayton bronze percentage buff
  • Pris debuffing effectiveness change
  • Pariah faster silver cooldown buff
  • Baron decreased damage to cover nerf
  • Phoenix bronze penetrate shield
  • Yanglong taunt on platinum trigger buff
  • Serial slight longer bronze cooldown
  • Xianjui 25% chance to kill clone on silver change
  • Briar silver garuanteed root buff

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Petition for Alvarez’s legendary skin where his bronze can also silent passive skills!!!


Not a bad idea, a hero that denies passive skills, that’s actually a super good suggestion, imagine the fun you could have against marianas or halo


Where’s the Godlante nerf :sweat_smile:


Xianjiu needs his silver changed to a much higher percentage. It’s still not going to kill one of his clones.

Flatline needs more love… :heart:

I mean buff. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That’s why having a chance effect would be less frustrating as it actually gives a chance to kill one, which would be less frustrating and still just as balanced

Honestly i like flatline where she is, she keeps my supports alive and revives them when i need them the most, just get good protection for her and she shines like a diamond

I have a 10 star, 5 bar Marianas. Her gold does 4529 elemental damage per second. That’s a paltry amount of damage…How is this possibly a problem??!!

And again, yet another topic where nerfs are invited for argument. Baron cover damage reduction? Why? Serial Bronze cool down increase? Why, is it too hard for you?

Also, really love (sarcasm) the way you open up talking about underrated heroes and then immediately jump on Marianas being “so good”. Nice slide…

Some of these points are Meh, but so getting tired of talks about nerfs where none are needed. There ARE problems with the game that make it SEEM like some heroes need nerfing, but if you take the time to understand what’s really happening you would not be looking at Marianas that’s for sure.

I wish Klayton‘s Crusin for a Bruisin reacted to every enemy which attacked him, not just the first enemy.

I also wish his Stay Down attack could be reshaped to distinguish it from Shank more.

That or either a 100% stun, i think he orients around his bronze and it should do more than just taunt and barely anything else, would make him a pretty great stunner/tank

If it annoys you so much then just click off the post and move on, no big deal

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

That’s maybe a little dramatic, but the basic meaning is the same. Why don’t I just click off the post? Because I enjoy the game.
Because I like facts.
Because I take the time to try and find a team to beat whatever is the most recent flavor of super team, as they are given to us, because that is the only true way to know if a nerf or buff is needed AND it gives the developers the data they need to make decisions on nerfs and buffs.
Because I read skill descriptions and pay attention to how those skills actually play out in the game and I make note of which ones work as described and which ones don’t.

The moment you start talking about nerfs, based on incorrect information, you begin a downward spiral of inaccurate conjecture. People read these posts. People who might be looking for information on what heroes to work on and they see all these posts about nerfing and the misinformation that is spouted off as reasons for the nerf and hence become misinformed players making misinformed decisions and may choose to not work on a good hero because they fear the hero will be changed before they even get there.

Here’s a question: why is Marianas “so good”? Her gold skill? Her bronze, silver, platinum, ruby? I’ll tell you, the answer is none…well her ruby skill is probably her most effective stand alone skill but ANY tank at ruby can blast cover. Her gold skill is all but harmless and that is what you are focused on because you say it (above) and because I’m also very familiar with the cover breaker marianas halo kreiger, kiyoshi teams and all the complaints swirling around it.

This is interesting because it’s an “example”, so you say, but it’s a very specific “example” that is clearly imparting your opinion that her gold skill is too powerful. No. Her gold skill is merely triggering the platinum or gold skills of halo, kreiger, and kiyoshi. The breaking of cover is what meets the condition of Marianas’ gold skill. As I said, I read skills…and then I observe…

Have you played this team? Have you played against this team? Read the platinum skill for halo, the gold for kreiger, and the platinum for kiyoshi and then tell me if that is what is really happening in the game. Are you really getting hit by Halo 40% of the time? By Kreiger 60% of the time? By Kiyoshi 50% of the time? Keep in mind that Marianas is hitting every second. That means Halo should only hit you with lightning 4 times in 10 seconds. Kreiger’s gold 6 times. Kiyoshi lightning 5 times per 10 seconds. Ask yourself, is Marianas’ gold skill really the problem here?

I LOVE this game and I LOVE it’s players and I want them to seek the truth of game play and when I see this, or any other post, where someone is dragging a hero through the mud because of what 4 other heroes can magnify her skills into, I’m going to say something.


If you TRULY LOVE your players, change your attitude first for example

Besides, i know marianas doesn’t even have anything to do except for triggering other damage skills, that’s why i clearly said she needed a “change”, that change is to remove the damage trigger on out of cover and replace that with damage for roots for example, my reason for this is so she would be less of an annoyance for other players and so she requires more ‘skill’ to use, for example instead of using her for cover teams i use her for lifting teams, because it requires actual thinking and strategy instead of just numbly destroying cover and watching your W fall into your pocket

This topic is supposed to be a discussion, what you are doing right now doesn’t make it a discussion

She does NOT need to be changed brother. Did you read what I said? And skill to use? That’s an opinion. The skill is in finding synergy. The skill is reading and understanding skills. What you think is skill and requires thought I call unnecessary handicapping of yourself. Go ahead and don’t use her with cover breakers if you enjoy not using her to the fullest. I’m fine with that. People are quick to call people who beat them as unskilled. I’m interested in how I lose. You are interested in winning pretty?

And what attitude? I’m passionate about misinformation and unnecessary slandering of hero abilities. Your problem with winning and what you find annoying is not to me. To quote a wise player “Git Gud”.

Remember: you can argue points, but don’t make it personal. Review the rules!


Where is sentry? I want him to be buffed. He deserves to be buffed

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Sentry does fine, high and fast damage, constant staggers and self healing