What has to be changed?

what has to be changed?

There are a lot of things that have to be changed, not only for me but i’ve been hearing the entire community about it. So here i am going to put down a set of things that i heard from the community and what i think has to be changed, and i hope this will help the developers get an idea of what could be changed

Hero Changes/Rework :

we can all agree that however no hero is useless, some are way to less efficient, lets begin with klayton, klayton is supposed to soak up damage, and ofcourse we don’t want to change who he is, although he isn’t efficient enough at it, he has stuns and buffs that make him tough to kill but thats all, everyone can just ignore him because at first his gun is CLEARLY not viable for anything, you can’t even charge up his abilities on anything further than a midline hero, what about a small rework

his bronze will now make him taunt for 8 seconds and for every damage he sucks up 75% of that will be thrown to a random opponent and will stun that target for 8 seconds

his silver will now stun standard for 6 seconds, and now stuns an already stunned opponent 8 seconds longer

his gold will make him recover a very large amount of hp and 50% cooldown on his silver whenever he stuns an enemy

his platinum will still give him his bonus hp, but will now give a mediocre amount of hp per second for every time he stuns someone with his bronze

i hope this will make him more dangerous with tanking damage and still give more purpose for being on the team, maybe he could even be a similar hero to razorback

Pris change, pris has been with us since the beginning and has changed continuously, however i still think she is not in place, she is supposed to debuff enemies and make them weaker and weaker, i don’t think she is doing her job well, i have her maxed out and at this point i can see what changes she needs

beguile should do 10% hp standard for every opponent and work on bosses ONLY in raids, and when they are already under the effect of beguile they will take another 15 percent above that

her sapper deals the damage on impact, but will do 50% less damage and only silence for 12 seconds, because i never see this ability in action, still stuns for 5 seconds

her gold will do the same except the less damage effect stacks up to 2

her platinum stays the same

this change should allow her to be more effective at reducing the enemies capability of dealing damage while still being balanced, if this doesn’t work out due to too high damage, reduce her platinums damage effect by 50%

4cep, 4cep is a damage dealer, who has probably one of the best base damage stats, but his bronze is useless because it deals about nothing and only roots, it will be the same except it will now disorient to so it can be used to fend of strong attackers

and to be honest, i think we all want chesterfield to have a pellet shotgun again, but this is just something the community wants to see back

these were the heroes, if you do or don’t agree on any of these changes put it in the comments, i’m open for opinions

and the changes to the game are not much

we have people spending hours in a boring looking chat, what about backgrounds, maybe even a custom photo, because nowadays it’s like whatsapp, you chat the entire day, so having something to look between waiting would be great

lastly, i really think we could use one month full of bugfixing and maybe improving some things, i hear alot of people complaining about infinite loading screens, the bugs with daily rewards, i mean we could live a month without a new hero

that’s all for this list, if you agree or disagree or anything else feel free to ask


For clearance, the pris buff is more of a way to reduce her total damage output and make her more effective in debuffing the enemy, and as of now she only has small debuffs that take way to long to give effects, this might increase her pick rate for raids and maybe pvp

But some of us like chesterfields slug shotgun.

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Klayton I agree needs a rework, his usefulness doesn’t match his power, pris I am not sure about as I don’t use her much. Chesterfield however I can’t say I’ve heard anyone complain about his rework, he has become infinitely better since due to him being able to actually do damage and decloak multiple enemies now.

4-cep’s bronze is also less useful now because it was outright broken at launch, if you use his laser right then it can be very useful to reduce their armour increasing damage taken and rooting rollers.

I also agree with the chat backgrounds being changed, I personally like the red and blue from pvp and alliance stores that replace backgrounds for chats with the stores open.

A month of bug fixing and adjustments would be ideal but if it were to happen then sadly it would likely not happen for a few months after it being announced due to the way heroes are planned out ahead of time.

I’d be weary of implying your own opinion as “all of us”


There’s a trick to 4-ceps bronze, trigger it then have heim use sterilize, for some reason it counts as a debuff so you can move while it’s still active, and shoot.


No one uses pris lol. Never see her in pvp unless it’s low level or someone sandbagging (and losing of course)


Don’t forget the pinned post, and the FAQ section, about feedback! Feelings-based feedback is better than prescriptive.


I agree that most people still like the slugs of his shotgun, and it would give more skilled players with better aim a bigger advantage, and trust me, and pris isnt useless but i know for sure she doesn’t perform well at her usual role, really thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pris is indeed not good at the pvp, maybe in the right team but she would get outplayed, thats why i think makinh her more effective at reducing the enemy faster would help alot for pvp and make her more viable for raids

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I honestly think thats way to much work or effort just to get 5 seconds of shooting, i would only see this being utilized at high level pvp

I just use it for gauntlet. When facing Kurtz teams. Let’s you kill him faster.

I think different time slots would work. How it work for a Star Wars game I played. Had a similar mode like war, always lag at the start of it. But when they did time slots problem solved

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Seems like a good change to me

Your topics are always so informative. Going to level up my Pris and give her a whirl. Thanks Robert!

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: