Who of 'em are good for bounty?

I have’t fully upgraded Comando, Purifier, Carabina and Oracle and I don’t know if any of them would be worth for this upcoming bounties.

Who of the are good DPS? Who of them can I updrage latter.

Commando is highly effective as a energy dps, so he’s good to upgrade. Purifier also can lay out a lot of aoe damage, which works for bounty, but he’s squishy however.

Ryder is a huge in dmg, you should have him at least plat with his plat skill max. that should help

Commando has very high DPS when you use both of his skills at combined, he will get massive critical hit damage.

Purifier will keep constant damage on the bounty so combining with a hero like Halo will make him very effective. The same with Hivemind as his drones carry from Wave 1 to Wave 2 so combining with Halo has good passive DPS.

Halloway isn’t as good as his clones get wiped between waves so he struggles to get enough clones out to do his chest beam attack.

Panzer is a Mech DPS beast, she needs to be manually controlled and has slow reloads however. Her breach and clear skill does very high damage and if you aim towards the lower half of your bounty you will get headshots because her weapon bloom is so high.

Carabina and Oracle are both meh damage for energy but can be good filler for the AI, Oracle can be a pain as her orbital strike makes the bounty run about like crazy making skills hard to land so maybe avoid her for your main teams.

Wesson does decent mech damage, Wesson can mark enemies like Saphyr so they can’t go invisible and his airstrike does good damage to clear tall the extra enemies on the field, plus has the chance to lay fire at their feet so does passive damage

Butters is a support hero and like Carabina and Halloway will struggle to do much damage, Nightingale will do good critical headshot damage but maybe keep her to a last resort team as you wil need to control her to get those headshots.

Baron is a stunning hero who’s skills load quick, he can be good for keeping your enemy in one place so would reccomend using with Surge, Halo and Purifier.

Ryker is an all around decent mech, nothing amazing but will get good critical damage. He can do some real damage if you control him and use his skills at the right time, wait for all the extra enemies to be dead before you use his shoulder missiles so all 3 hit at once.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Commando is my go to, NON-bonus, energy hero on bounty (along with Siren). Commando does more damage in bounty than some of the bonus heroes. Couldn’t find a screenshot sorry.

Commando, Ryker, Halloway, Oracle. Make sure you add Min to your Halloway & Oracle team.