Mechanical hero bounty help

Hey guys!
Any suggestions on mechanical (orange) heroes I can bring up for bounties.
All my mechanical heroes are either front line, or healers that are brought up and do not pack a punch when I use them…compared to my green and blue heros.

Any suggestions help!

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Bounty is heavily based on the faction that is boosted, every faction you will see in the update notes or your inbox which faction is boosted. For example this month had Marlowe boosted, she a mech and will do the most damage compared to heroes that aren’t boosted due to the damage multiplier you get. I would suggest working on heroes in the boosted factions when they come around so you’re always upgrading heroes in different factions,

Update notes: April 2020 Update Notes - The Marlowe Update

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Hey gale.
I should’ve put on there excluding the people who have a bonus. I understand that part but asking more for when I run out of bonus people and dont want to keep recharging their stamina.

For example I have cinder/mavin or ronin/heckler who easily can do 1 to 2 mil in damage without being the bonus.

But I have matador, razorback and sometimes even 4-cep who just dont do anything and are all upgraded.

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For some general good DPS options in mech I’ll list here:

4-cep - Generally good dps with weapon, don’t use his skills

Beck - High dps with weapon, her grenade can do massive damage (consider rooting the bounty)

Kurtz - If you can execute it gives a massive damage boost

Dogface - Use his silver skill first, get down to 1 bullet then use his bronze skill and it give you a full clip again to use

Ryker - Both skills do good damage if upgraded enough, his weapon dps is also pretty good

Kuno - Very high weapon damage, use her silver to do even faster dps and her bronze stuns doing huge damage

Harscope - If he is platinum he does great headshot damage, use his BFG to do big damage as well

Clyde - High weapon dps, use his silver first to stun this guarantees his bronze hits 100% of the time

Hideo - Slow firing but huge weapon damage, don’t use his skills

Bolt - High weapon damage and silver does damage over time, his bronze does massive damage

Panzer - High weapon damage, her bronze does huge damage, don’t use her silver

Jarek - Does decent damage with skills, nothing amazing though but can lift and stun

Shivs - Huge weapon dps, don’t use her skills


Kuno and Dogface were one of my first 10 star heroes and I can always rely on them to do a good amount of damage. Even if they aren’t bonus, they’re still useful imo

Gale lists a number of decent DPS heroes. You could further narrow it down though. The top mech DPS in my experience are Dogface, Shiv, and especially Kuno. You need to control each of them to get the most damage since the AI is stupid with the skills though.

The AI won’t use all of Dogface’s Fire at Will clip down to the last bullet and then activate the Heavy Cal skill to get 18 more shots. Sometimes they even will do something dumb like use the bronze first, or use it all before starting the silver ability and having them amplify one another.

Shiv you need to quickly kill a weak enemy and then focus on the bounty enemy to get the bonus damage and reload speed.

Kuno is one of my favorites and a huge DPS hero. It’s all about timing her abilities right. Make sure you reload and have a full clip before activating Full Offense, and then immediately use Flurry of Knives so you can get the longest stun duration with your bonus damage up.

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Try to pair Kunoichi with Surge or another Hero that stuns, roots, or lifts a lot. Kuno, Surge, and Alcatraz combined for massive damage, finishing most bounties in one run. At that point, I would only use the knives the first time, and once they were perma-rooted by Surge, I kept on shooting, and activating Full Offense (silver skill) when possible. Alcatraz had a damage multiplier, but even once he doesn’t, the DPS should still be massive.

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Pairing Kuno with any hero that’s lifts (bucket, surge or jarek) is a bad idea as heroes that are lifted can’t be hit my Kunos knives. Just bit a post game knowledge there lol

True, at that point it’s better to just keep shooting and save the knives.