Which heroes should I focus on?

Guys im playing the game almost 2 weeks and i got around 17 heroes. Any ideas on which heroes i should focus?

I did a starter guide for who to focus on here: Quick guide: Who to focus on in the early game

hope that helps. If you have more questions after that or want to post your list of guys, feel free.


What are your thoughts on artemis, chesterfield, odachi, hideo, Phoenix, and heckler

Savage is the King at the moment

All are decent from what I’ve been told, but I only have Phoenix. I actually think she’s one of the weaker ones on what you have listed as her silver ability is really only good for bosses or finishing off weak targets to make sure they die. She’s kinda squishy and hurting herself from the silver ability doesn’t really help.

Odachi is solid dps and decent for pvp, hideo is similar but I think trades some damage for survivability.

Chesterfield is more about area control, but seems like a better Maven maybe?

Heckler is really good at disruption as he can do mini stuns and stop abilities.

Artemis seems like high end dps, but pretty squishy. I usually kill her First quickly in pvp.

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i wrote u my team on your post