New to the game - is my team any good

Hello to you all…I’m pretty new to the game, but I’ve managed to get my ‘first team’ up to Gold (level 42)…but…is it worthwhile me going any further with them?

Heckler / Butter / Phoenix / Caine / Nightingale

Any comments and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated…

Thanks for reading…


Pretty good. Though i reccomend other damage dealers of heckler. Or replace night with another dps and replace caine with a healer

…thanks Robert - I appreciate your thoughts…

I recommend farming frags to raise the star level for your heroes. You’ll see a difference. Before you work on ranks.

Thanks for your help, GIR…

Because you’re pretty new, your options are fairly limited. As you stick around, you’ll begin pulling more and more heroes, so take the time to research them here on the forums (hero spotlights), and see what their function and strengths are.

Your current team is good, all heroes have their strengths and can be found at higher levels, with the only moderate exception being Phoenix, due to her slow skill charge rate and tendency to get interrupted. Heckler is also a bit squishy, so he necessitates being piloted to be most effective.

Thanks for your advice, my friend…much appreciated…

Not to long ago @Robert_Pronk made a pretty neat guide for people just starting out. It’s got some cool stuff that you might find helpful. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that information, my friend…a good read​:+1:…and thanks to Robert for taking the time to write it :+1::blush:

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