WHO am I playing with?

Just a random thought.
When you start a co-op game and choose to invite a random player to the raid, where do the game pick this random player from? It’s often like a 1 second search before finding the ally. Does it connect to another random stranger who simultaneously as me started looking for a random ally? I recon the queue has to be empty some time? What happens then? I have never experienced not finding a random ally to raid with.

I’ve noticed that the queue be empty at times, so yeah. Until another player chooses auto match I will be stuck in the queue. The same can be said for pvp, it will wait until it can cycle a bot that comes out of a battle against you too.

You are matching with other Players.

The average queue time is usually less than 30 seconds, but can vary depending on the raid and the time of day. The queue will timeout after a long enough delay.