Auto match Coop Raids unfair usage

If you auto match in coop raids you should be locked in for TWO raids - one from each player. Currently you match up and it seems that one of my wins is always used then the other player leaves without returning an invite. Thanks

Good idea.

But a few things should be considered

If you auto match a player should be forced to use his one with you!

Otherwise you can leave and hope yours is never taken to screw other players.

On the other hand try to find a trade buddy in your alliance or ask in chat

When you use automatch, your partner is using already one of his raids aswell, so he isn’t leaving without returning an invite.

I know, but maybe give players the option to share the coop and let them use 1 both

We already have that option. We just need to find someone to invite each other. Thats what chat and alliances are for, imo

I know what you mean, searching automatically for someone to trade raids would be faster and easier than asking around. But I dont think asking an alliance member to trade is such a hard thing.

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