Who is your Favourite Character


Since we are still quite new, we thought it would be great to get to know you a little better.

And what finer way than to ask you who is your favourite Character in the game and why?

(We are absolutely not asking this to know who to nerf next, cough cough)

Is it their skill set, or maybe their lore, or they just look so cool?

Let us know in the comments below.


Favorite: Ghoul

Not the strongest character these days (buff!) but he can be a pain when utilized properly and his Azul skin reminds me of a pet I had with the same name that passed. Long live the crazy fire starter!

From a design aspect, I still think Prophet is the coolest looking of the 7 star group.

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Krieger because Rocket Man and Steve Miller Band and David Bowie

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Favorite: Sapphyr

I’ve always loved the overall look for this character. The armor that she were looks high tech, which is fitting seeing that she’s a member of the Patriots. I love the idea behind her rift blades.

Sapphyr doesn’t have really any lore outside of the Hero Spotlight that introduced her. Perhaps that’s also what I like about her, an elite assassin who you know very little about, but she knows everything about you.

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It’s a story of hate and love.
Hate for when it first came out, it was the first hero i got on day1 and didn’t seem that good.
Love at first sight when i started using it, funny enought, on bounty. Shredded bosses and my heart♥️

Be wild on your mothorbike my man! Kililili🤘🏻

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Steele , Caz he looks like me. The jacket and the shades.

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Heckler 2 ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍

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Mauler. Who else would take an Axe to a Gun fight.


Tough decision. Iconically it is Pris, which is because of her disruptive kit. And because she was my first ever damage dealer since the beta of this game. She has always been the first hero i would take to a newly unlocked stage. Mainly because of that part that reminds me of the old days.

Design-wise it would have to be Min. She is a huge part of events. Very characterized. Funny (from dialogue) and her kit is amazing. It synergizes well and it’s certainly the most annoying to play against. She gives the opportunity to shut a hero down completely when played with enough skill and grind everyone’s gears.


Ryker… The Original campaign hero … Who is yet to get credit as a true leader.

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She gives a certain energy off. She is an awesome character. Just hope DECA will bring at least ‘some’ lore to characters

For me it has to be Krieger; because he reminds me of Buzz Lightyear…:sweat_smile::blush:


the new one or was the last one it people are bored and quitting the game and magnus is my current fav

You know. This is off-topic. If you have complaining about the update do it under a post that is meant for it

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Halloway, the cloned magician. I want to see more about his backstory, could be so cool. My fav, hands down.


Kurtz, I like instakill when you pair him with green lvl 1 hero

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Big meaty Butter is bae :heart:
Protective, reliable and doesn’t afraid of anything

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If you’re going to complain about people don’t do it in this thread. Make a seperate one and see how fast it goes down.
This thread is not made for your nonsense and hate towards the CS

Believe me, I’m tired of waiting too, but continuously making the same exact posts is beating a dead horse. It adds nothing new and only serves to create more conflict.


This is a difficult question and now I’m in dilemma, but I’ll to tackle this obstacle.
So the reasons for picking my favorite hero(es) in this game are :

Question 1.
What is the definition of a hero?

A hero is an individual who can show mental fortitude when confronted with an issue. A hero is an individual who can help another differently. An individual can turn into a legend by saving somebody who is at serious risk. Another illustration of a legend is somebody who is there to help other people and invigorates them to go on through life’s troubles.

Question 2.
What are the qualities of a hero?

There are numerous characteristics that a hero must hold like courage, bravery, mental fortitude, strength, intelligence, patience, selflessness and honesty These characteristics alone are adequately not to make a legend. They should likewise be unadulterated on the most fundamental level, battle to benefit humanity and possibly battle when it is to secure individuals and not out of retribution.

Question 3.
What makes you a hero?

A hero is magnanimous, a great individual, and somebody who stands out enough to be noticed by us all and causes change. “Individuals that we set up as legends are individuals that by and large exceed any and all expectations as far as the obligation at hand, they do things that are unprecedented.

Question 4.
How can I become a Hero?

To become a hero you have to have the following qualities in you:

  • Help others without expecting any favour from them
  • Initiate for the changes you want in the world for the good of people
  • Be prepared to act when others are uninvolved.
  • Be brave to speak the truth
  • Learn good things from other heroes

With that being said, my favorite hero is Klayton , Torque , xianjui & Pris