Gauntlet Frags being only Dogface

Does anyone apart from me see that having Dogface in the Gauntlet store only is a problem? It is a bit irritating that this is the case because I would like to see the Gauntlet store have a bit more variety like the PvP or Alliance Stores.

Please update so the game gives a more variety in the Gauntlet Store.


I like it - go Dogface woop woop


I love Dogface and I still need to build him. So for me - not a problem. Would I complain if they put another character in there instead of Dogfart? Nah. Would I be sad if they added another one beside Doggie? Definitely not.

In the best of worlds, each week we’d be presented with 3 characters. Pick one to be available in the Gauntlet store during the week. That won’t happen though.

Wow - Dogface suffered some serious name demotions there…harsh taskmaster that is @ULFPAM


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My personal opinion at lvl50 with a ton of heroes to collect and level(most notably actually leveling the skills of my heroes which are roughly 20 levels below my hero levels) with no gold or plat heroes yet?

Well I’m unable to log into the game now(no data and the game already noticed an update) but I think my Dogface is at 5 stars atm and definitely one of my staple heroes. This is something I’ve been wondering about for around 2 weeks now and I’d personally love a bit of a change with Gauntlet as well as the fragments we get by completing 13 daily quests(my Salvatore being 5 or 6 stars).

Thing is I remember how it was being completely new to the game and at the moment I’m still of the opinion that the devs have higher priorities. I’m not saying this isn’t priority, I’m saying there are more pressing matters.

Where my life, in general, is concerned I can wait for this. Other Hunters, like you, might feel differently.

I don’t think we should replace dogfart

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Gauntlet only having dogface is the best way for new players to catch up to older/beta players. For people who don’t like to grind PvP daily, dogface will most likely be the first hero they 10*. Once you hit 10 stars, you start getting elemental frags for mech heroes which allow you to use them on anyone. This is a HUGE game changer for a lot of players as it allows you to star up heroes only found in crates without spending gold or focus on another hero that may be harder to grind. Would much rather see heroes added rather then have dog be taken out.


Definitly keep dogface. Once 10* this will be your source for mech frags that you can invest for other mech heroes.

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I am having trouble with Gauntlet runs (at level 48 now)… what is the best way to consistently clear all 5 sectors?

I need some help if anyone can spare the time… thanks!

Mate you just need to upgrade your team - strength in depth…

Then just attempt to use the weakest team you can at each sector thereby leaving your strongest team til last. Not rocket science, but you will get there. It’s a good thing if the game is keeping you challenged after all.

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