WHO should be on platinum First

I got some gold heroes but i don’t know who to rank platinum from gold 1

Dogface. Easy to upgrade and the standart damage dealer in every game mode

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i think he is good to upgrade but i will need more suggestion if 2 or 3 more people will choose same option i will upgrade that hero

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  1. dogface
  2. Nightingale
  3. Maven
  4. Halloway, ghoul

As Kraterios said.

Dogface will be your main dps at plat, and is one of the easiest to upgrade.

Night and Maven both are fantastic second option due to the sheer power of their plat, but Night is better in the Maven.

For the fourth, only Halloway and Ghoul are good amongst the rest of your options. Both are kinda outclassed in their element DPS, so I’d say pick sth meta outside of this list.

Yes, Dogfeces! He was my first spagetti and I have no regretti.

I think dogface will be best to go first

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He’s also easy to promote to Platinum. A good start. He doesn’t need as much gear as others. It takes seemingly forever to make some of the characters Platinum.