Who should be on Platinum second

As i made an topic earlier who should be on platinum first thanks for everyone’s idea i well upgraded dog to plat
now I need help that who should be on platinum
For upgrade options I got ryker,wesson,nightingable and ifrit

Pro-tip is to switch between the elements. If you recently made a Mech into Platinum then go for an Energy or Bio hero (because of canister deficiency). I would look into Nightingale as your next Platinum hero, and Ifrit after her.

you are right it took a week to get canisters but i dont need canisters of energy and bio because i have more than 200 but i need more people to say nightingable

What sad is that 200 canisters isn’t enough for a full Gold to Platinum promotion. :frowning: :slight_smile:

as you know we get 45 a week so i can promote in 2 week at dog time it took 16days

I need to learn to be as patient as you! My Platinum promotions take 3-4 days and I spend lots of Gold to reset my raids and refill energy.

just upgraded her to gold 1

I think she’s a good choice mainly because she’s useful in lots of different teams but Ifrit is more situational. I also remember she was an easy promotion, she didn’t need a lot of gear like Ifrit did.

ifrit is 4 star so i will upgrade night

and night coops are coming up

One big thing: Do you have night’s skin?

nope i dont have skin

looking forward to unlock skin