Who should I star up Xianjiu or Commando?

Have just enough for one. Xianjiu or Commando?

Whats more important to you, war, bounty or pvp?

Commando :ok_hand:. Xianjiu is not needed. :grin:


Commando for sure :).


I did XIANJU first for war purposes

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I agreed XIANJIU for war :+1:

Xian for war, and if you like bounty or pvp, commando

Xianju and Clayton this is most useless heroes at this moment (except AW). So work with Commando. It’s no brainer.


Commando. Xianjiu frags are easier to get.


Klayton is the absolute worst. Xianjiu is at least decent for spawning distractions quickly and buffing Ronin’s plat or being boosted by a some buff.

Xianjiu for war but Commando for pvp and bounty

So, have you made your decision?

Vote commando, commando has more utility and the difference for war is not as drastic ( commando has relatively good stats). Also like others (@GAMER37XDEC) have said you can pull Xian frags other ways/incidentally

Oof responding to a post 10 days later

I fail… also realized Xian was a little stronger than commando war wise than I remmeber and despite me liking commando I never use him

Welp good thing my opinion doesn’t matter