Xianjiu, sort of meh

The idea was really cool, but let’s explain why:

Midline energy hero: Cool, cause we don’t have Heckler, Yeager, Siren, Halloway or Ronnin (talkin about sort of usefull heroes).

A tank (?): Too big to be midline, to weak for beeing a real tank. And, since he’s huge, basically Mandrake’s gold is useless on him. There’s no way you can’t see him when he’s “hidden”.

No High DPS: At least, make it “squezee” but give him a high DPS cause, if I have to choose an energy mid, definitely I’d choose Siren, Heckler or even Yaeger.

No support: No healing, no shields, no boosted atack for partners, either no boosted defense, basically nothing. He only gives a boost when his clones die, which is also another problem…

His clones: Who cares about them? They are even weaker than Halloway’s: They don’t shoot a “rocket” right after Xianjiu does (just like Halloway, oh right, Xianjiu shoots a sh*t besides regular ammo). They are to weak to even take care of 'em so, they never give you platin skill boost. Oh, and you basically kill 'em everytime you activate your silver skill.

PS: Don’t forget Halloway’s clones problems in each wave. Xianjiu’s got it too.

In resume: a huge mid without any mid skill.

Inb4: I know there’s maybe a wierdo who’s in PVP top 10 combining him with Surge, Galante, Vanguard and Elite Rifleman, however, y’all should always remember this to “judge” a hero; if it’s only usefull in an specific team or you need an specific team to counter it, it’s because that hero is low-powered or overpowered.


Never understood the clone nerf. To solve coding problems in the easiest fashion for them to remove the bug, instead of fixing the source, they simply remove the symptom.

Why are Hivemind’s clones A-Ok but all other drone spawners aren’t (please don’t nerf him too lmao).


I just like spawning 4 buddies to fight alongside me. I just hate that they disappear after each wave. In terms of damage and health xianjiu isnt bad for health, he lasts pretty long. His damage is okay, boosted its like heckler’s bronze, he can deal decent damage. Don’t forget each clone gives xianjiu 5% critical chance, and using his silver twice will give allies a permanent damage boost (but still the clones disappearing after each wave is troublesome, and in PvP takes too long)

Xianju, Not my favorite and still trying to determine the best use for them!
Clones- get in the way of Xianju and their nearby team members however spawn and roll… never heard much of a clone fan excepte the smaller drones & weapon spawns, it would be interesting to introduce skins that spawn character related drones, weapons, clones, skills etc…
Just a thought!

I just have a hard time understanding why the clones are destroyed at the end of the round because of a bug. But the drones from hivemind seem to work just fine. You can never get to the max potential by the time you get to the end of bounty. So instead of fixing a bug, they just reduce the effectiveness of the character.