Who to plat next

I’ve almost platted Flat, and she’s my last Patriot until I unlock Kobold later this week.

I’m trying to decide who I should plat next between 6* Hive, 7* Drake, 7* Keel, and 6* Panz. Yeah, I think those four are the only serious choices.

Any suggestions? Feel free to look at my roster in-game!

Panzer will definitely help you the most if you use her. Mandrake’s plat is hot garbage but it’ll give him a little more survivability.

Of the other two, I’d go keel since she’s the better hero overall and sees a bit more use at higher level pvp. Also her faction hasn’t been featured yet whereas hive’s has so you’ve got a better shot of being a bit more prepared for whichever month ends up being shoremen.