Who Should be the next Plat?

So recently I got Silver Banshee into plat (yay!:blush:) and I want to set my sights on my next plat hero.I have unlocked all non-7* heroes except commando. My current non-plat lineup is:

I was wondering who should I uprgade into plat next? Constructive comments are appreciated

Definitely want to build up Flatline if you plan on PVP and also complete missions. I also like Min as she can be useful for setting up temporary shields. Lastly, Wesson is a great hero for PVE and bounties


wow, I was right on the money on who people would suggest first

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Richter and Baron are two of the most powerful heroes for AW. Baron is also good for bounties. Wesson’s DPS and silver are especially good for raids and PVE, and he’s strong for AW. Fischer’s plat can come in handy. Flatline’s plat is good too if you’re a PVP guy. Phoenix’s plat can keep her alive. Vanguard’s plat makes him more than just a meat shield. Min’s plat is nice for when enemies use skills for the first time. Yanlong’s plat makes him tougher to kill, could be handy for Gauntlet. Hivemind can be good because his drones are more targets for enemies to shoot at, plus one of them taunts, so less hits for you to have to take or dodge.

My choices would be Baron, Flatline, Wesson, or Min.

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If you have Cinder platted, you should definitely go for Plat Baron. both make one of the best synergies in this game.

Baron’s plat passive skill will break covers faster and thus helps Cinder’s plat to stack faster.

but the catch is that Baron is one of the heroes that dies too quickly because of his taunt in bronze and gold. To counter that, you need supporting healers like Caine Keel Flatline to make him survive long.

tldr: Cinder Baron Caine Keel Flatline makes a meta team


My top picks would be Flatline, Hivemind, Phoenix, Scum and Pris. The others are OK too, such as Min and Wesson
From personal experience:
Flatline isn’t really a discussion she’s considered a PvP necessity
Hivemind produces drones which can heal, damage and taunt. Each drone spawned increases his health and his plat can help heal him. His weapon is really nice, large mag with good damage. A full mag has enough shots to charge up his bronze skill, really helpful.
Phoenix at plat is a solid counter to critical hits, she heals a lot from each critical hit.
Scum also heals passively at plat which lets him survive longer to pull of his undodgable skills that also heal him.
Pris also has a passive heal at plat, and she can also deal massive damage if you use her right, especially her silver skill.
For the other heroes,
Fischer’s plat let’s him deal more damage when invisible which happens a lot
Ghoul also has a passive heal at plat and he can spread a lot of fire
Richter is an absolute tank, especially when his gold is active.
Steele can reduce damage of enemies at plat, but its so little its not really worth it.
Barons plat lets him break cover a lot faster, works well with plat cinder or keel
Salavtore gives allies a biodamage boost which is useful to energy heroes
Wesson at plat gives damage and health buffs to himself and health buffs to UAF allies, you need to pair him with UAF allies otherwise its useless
Min provides temporary shields when enemy uses skills, its not bad but when enemies use multiple skills at once the shield is wasted, doesn’t stack and only for 5 seconds.
Operator at plat can heal a LOT, I’m not too sure what his plat skill is though.
Yanlong at plat is super tanky, he also penetrates shields easily so he’s decent.
Idk what vanguards plat is
Yeager at gold has a razorback thing with his shield, has a chance to stun enemies when broken. His plat gives him a damage boost (maybe health as well?) when he uses his shield, can stack.

Yes I know its a long comment but I have too much time on my hands :blush:

Good to see thd community helping out newer and younger players :slight_smile:Keep up the good work everyone.

My suggestions would be based on what event or activity you are doing:

Bounty - Obvs the UAF and UAF Airborne as they are bonus
PVP - Flatline, Mandrake, Caine, Keel, Halo, Phalanx, Kobold, Ronin, Odachi, Kuno, Matador, Heimlock, Bolt, Moss
PVE - Basically the same as PVP + Hivemind, Butters, Nightningale, Cinder, Dogface
AW - Beck, Saphyr, Heckler, Kurtz, Baron, Richter, Razorback, Wesson, Cara, Hivemind
(For AW those are the top 10 heros in the game for power when 10* 5 bar, depending on how much you like war could be a suggestion to start working on those

Keep playing and you will keep growing, most of all have fun, make sure to reap the rewards of bounty starting tonight! Find yourself an alliance that is active and participating so you get good rewards

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