Why does pvp not always start you with the hero you have in first slot

When I place heros in the order I want to use them in pvp. Line up is switched when the game starts. What is that happening

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I’ve been noticing this as well. My guess is your strongest hero that automatically gets the lead role in pvp.

I thought it was just me.

Happens the same on Coop, it always begin with the hero in the midle (second hero from up left).

Never use to do it . Confuses the heck out of me when I need to switch heros at game start

We’ll take a look. For best response times, make sure to submit bug reports to player support. That allows us to gather more specific information that can be critical to solving an issue faster.

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It’s good to know this is a public issue and it’s known. Make sure to report it to support like requested above

Same happens with me I try to start with serial but get switched to another hero and till that time I am wiped out :broken_heart:

It’s based on the view your opponent or co-op partner has. For example, if you do co-op PVP and put Ronin in 1st slot, Kobold in 2nd, sometimes it swaps the order round from the viewpoint of your team mate, so they will see Kobold in 1st position and that’s who it will throw you in as. No clue why it does it tho lol

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@Muninn It’s a bug that is happening, make a test and use maranas and kriegen, regardless of the position, it will start with kreigen, it gets in the way of PvP

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This also happens in any co-op raids as well as pvp…
For me, its starts with the most powerful hero regardless of the position I selected them in.
Its been so long now I thought it was an intentional update.

This doesn’t happen to me in normal PvP, just co-ops and co-ops PvP. Been dealing with this issue for months now.

Everyone make sure you put a support ticket in on the issue.

It is not always the strongest hero that gets loaded in first. For example my fiber is my strongest hero but it always loads DPS before her when game starts. I assume the pvp and raids loads dps over support no matter what slot they are in, sometimes in raids it will start off in third slot instead of first and second.

That would be great advice, but, about 2.5 years ago I was banned for contacting multiple times, in one day, however, each time I contacted them I submitted new pertinent information. Obviously, it didn’t seem pertinent to them. And once you are banned from support there is no appeal process whatsoever. This rule should be definitely taken a good look at, because all it would take is a dev having a bad day, which seems in my case.

So since player support is not an option what would you suggest?:thinking:

Anyway, I really hope this bug or glitch gets resolved soon. Have a great :+1: day HH!


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