Different multiplayer mode

Hey guys. Love the game. Been playing a little less than 2 years now.
Anyone have any ideas for a multiplayer mode. Maybe a 2p v 2p or a something else that’s different than the traditional game modes. The co-ops you can just let the game play for you. Seems more like a chore sometimes and can be boring.

Any ideas?


Servers can’t handle most of the other modes, ideas been brought up multiple times in the past and nothing ever came to floruish

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What about tanks only? It’d be fun to see how long the fights would go on.

Indeed it might be a little to much for the servers, but maybe changing something to a 2v2 or something could be cool if they every decide to ‘upgrade’

I would like to see a 2v2, for sure! It would also be amazing to have a battlefield multiplayer, which plays sort of like the campaign, in waves, but you would fight players instead of klg bots. Another idea, to have an ‘epic’ mode, where all of one player’s characters go against all of another’s. Maybe not to that extent, but it would be amazing to be able to play multiplayer with armies instead of small squads. Maybe with klg v uaf, but the player controls. We have enough klg+uaf hero equivalents that this is feasible. I understand that this would take a tank of a server, but it would be a lot of fun if it ever happene

Then maybe it’s time to get more servers. People still spend on the game. May as well expand it before people lose interest after the same thing over and over again

You mean something like bringing back draft PvP?

Not really. Something new would be better

I would like to see all the campaign missions opened up as coop campaign missions. You could limit it to two players each and more experienced players could carry lower players through.

Perhaps a control point game, where your team of 5 heroes try to take control of every control point by eliminating the enemy team of 5 heroes. (similar to the football level in the stadium)

If the enemy is defeated, the first hero on their team that died could come back the next round/control-point with a minor buff.

Something like this:

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Co-OP campaign would be fun… instead of extreme mode.
I would say to keep it around your same level though. As much as it would be nice to carry lower level players, it takes the joy out of actually having to grind and play the game.