With all the PvP problems, I think this may have gone a bit unnoticed

I just wanted to say that this video is, in my opinion, a good way to do these spotlights, and I would like future ones to be similar. Some background to make us feel a bit more involved with the newcomers. There are little details (like Steele having normal arms, instead of his robotic ones) that make me wonder what happened to him.

I always appreciate some lore and background for the games I play. I think it makes them feel more unique and interesting.

So, thanks for this one :slight_smile:

PS: I like that Steele skin. I hope it comes to the game.


Yeah I saw this one on Facebook. Loved it! I hope they make videos for all heroes and actually put them in the game somehow along with a short biography.
It’s strange her nemesis is Steele yet she’s killing Energy heroes like they’re her worst pests.

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