Wrong stuff in egg store

So they closed my last thread about it. And So i sent a support ticket, and they told me if a reboot doesnt work then there is no solution, so im just out of flatline skin and the bounty hero frags? I uninstalled reinstalled and reboot my device, i still have christmas skins and halo savage kunoichi frags. Would be nice to know that you guys are at least trying to come up with a solution, the guy on the other end of my support ticket pretty much told me i was SOL, theres more than just me with this problem chat is messed up as well

@Bangxbangz Do you know what should be in the store because I have the flatline skin but also the savage,halo and kunoo frags. Are those frags wrong

I also have the Christmas stuff!
I am totally suspecting them to fix this after the weekend. The store will stay for like 2 weeks so I am not panicking.

I have the same Christmas skins of savage and halo. Then halos regular skin. Found this to be really odd. I hope that they fix the issue soon.

No flatline skin for me idk i just know the christmas skins aint right

If your topic was closed and we asked you to contact support, continue to work with support. This was not the right move.