Store issues

So have had this happen before contacted support was told there’s no fix in the future, how hard is it to fix the stores? I bought out all of the bottom one which were throwing stars and bought some on top that were swords. After game was closed and reopened it 4 hours later now they are changed

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U r R Right… They said long time ago it cannot be fixed.

How? Sure there’s a difference between can’t and won’t


Isn’t that the heronium store just refreshing?

No the store already refreshed, had the game closed opened it and purchased the items closed the game and reopened and completely different stuff than I purchased

You still got the stuff you bought though?

No I didn’t. What I bought before it “reset” were throwing stars and swords. When I logged back in few hours later. It magically changed to what’s in the screen shot. Here’s an example I’m talking about.

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Ah I see so is it the the images are bugged and you bought the silver ammo instead?

Just an example of what happened it’s an old video

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