Heronium farming strategies?

Who is the best toon to 10* for a constant stream of heronium?

Im farming Dogface(9*) from GW. Im also farming matador(8*), mandrake(9*) and gammond(8*).

I have 530 universal frags, 400 mech frags, 600 bio frags and 365 energy frags. Should I be dumping my universal and bio frags to Mandrake (40/1080) to 10* him at once? Or should I save my universal frags to non farmable toons?

Is the strategy here to 10* anyone as soon as possible?

Dogface is probably the easiest, but if you play a lot a lot of PvP it helps if you collect the heros you were speaking about.

You just named the guys I’m using for heronium.

You can use the frags to push them, but maybe it’s better to push others you have fun with and win PvP matches with.

In the end you still get the PvP hero’s and you probably already want to push the others first

I think dogface is a given. Haha I am also side farming on the nodes with the heroes I love like sentry and chesterfield. I just really want to optimize my PVP farming because I have to balance earning heronium fast and ensuring I don’t live in the game.

For PVP, what’s your strategy? And do you have any optimization suggestion? For example, should I just focus on Mandrake for a while until 10*?

Thanks! Haha

Yeah it helps to focus on 1, but make sure you don’t bring up 1 hero to high you might need for PvP, cause it will break your matches.

Example: 10* mandrake and 5* odachi, you don’t want these numbers.

I was a long way with matador, and I don’t use him for PvP so I decided to finish him first to make sure I could collect mech shards before the update

Ohhh. That’s right. I actually gave up on my main PVP team because of the asymmetry of farming location. So I think I’ll focus on Mandrake for a couple of weeks until I can earn heronium. Hmmmm, but is it wise to use my saved universal frags so I can farm heronium? It seems counter productive as universal frags are expensive in the heronium shop.

Don’t waste gauntlet gems farming heronium. You can get plenty from PvP.

Gauntlet gems best used for Gold Stars/Knives/Gloves

As to your question, there is no point hording universal gems at present. Focus on getting some of the PvP store heroes to 10* asap.

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You get 1750 Guantlet Gems a day from doing the Gauntlet if you are clearing it. Double that if you are resetting. Use those and sink them all into Dog and store resets and you get a minimum of 15 Dog frags a day, (or 20 every 3rd day or so)

In comparison with PVP you can only get a max of 10 frags per hero, and that’s totally random. Some days you will get 3. Matador gives another 3 from daily quests. You can reset PVP, but one resets and best case still means you spent 2100 PVP gems for 20 hero fragments (or 23 in Matadors case). Worst case you are looking at 6 frags with a reset for 700 gems, though you could reset another time before the price jumps.

This should be a no brainer. Dump everything into Dog as he is not only a top tier in both PVP AND PVE, but he is easiest to get heronium from (unless you really want Maven and/or Flatline since they have been added to the Guantlet store).

After you get Dog I would focus on Mandrake as he is the only really good hero choice from the PVP store. The rest of the heroes are pretty sub par. If you are high enough you can also get an additional 9 Mandrake frags from the hard missions, bringing the minimum total up to 12 with no PVP reset, or max 19 a day.

Once you get a few 10* heroes it becomes much easier to start funneling everything into other heroes you want leveled up. For instance you can get 15-20 frags from Dog and another 12-19 from Mandrake once you have them maxed, making for 27-39 frags a day from heronium. Add in resets and this number could nearly double, going to 54-78 a day from just two heroes. Whatever you do just make sure you have a good source in the Gauntlet store and at least one hero you focus on in PVP every day.


@DopedGoat, yeah it’s just what your priority is, I have days I just buy gear, other days I buy frags, but yeah knives and stars are a pain to gather haha.

It only takes 100 pvp gems to reset the store… That’s 30seconds or so.

Max Dogface then save gauntlet gems for The gold loot I mentioned.

Getting heroes to platinum is more important than adding another star.

The equipment in the Gauntlet store seems way over priced. 1250 for the gloves…? That means you could only buy them and maybe one other 500 gem item per day. That doesn’t seem worth it when you could get 15-20 fragments instead.

Keep in mind it usually costs around 25 gold per hero fragment in the black market, otherwise it’s roughly 5 gold per frag depending on the crate (and the crates are random so you will get heroes you don’t want). That means 15-20 Dog frags (turned into heronium, then any frag you want) is the equivalent of spending 75-100 gold. For 40 gold you can reset your stamina. You could do 2 resets for the price of the frags. You should generally get at least 5 equipment pieces with 120~ stamina, and double with 240.

Also keep in mind the Dog frags are a garuntee and allow you to buy frags for other heroes who have no other easy source of acquiring frags. For example being able to sink an extra 15-20 into Ifrit right now will catapult him up when used along with 10 from Dojo a day and make him better in other aspects of the game like Bounties. The extra equipment is definetly nice, but I find it MUCH harder to get a hero to 10 star than it is to get them to plat rank (have 7, soon to be 9 plat heroes, but only 1 that is 10*). After you get the first rank of plat there is not much reason to level them up after that, the cost vs reward simply isn’t there.

Works both ways… I have 4 maxed heroes in the pvp store so heronium isn’t an issue for me that way.

Well ya, that makes a world of difference. Having 4 maxed heroes in the PVP store means you are getting a minimum of 12 frags a day if you buy them all, and could get up to 40 with no resets or other contributions.

Really it could be nearly 100 frags with resets, hard mission frags, and misc stuff like PVP crates or quests though. He doesn’t have ANY 10* so I imagine he is like me and starved for frags more than anything. I only get 10 fragments a day for the hero or the month, but I get well over 400 stamina which in turn is 20 or so pieces of equipment.

@DopedGoat May I know why hording universal gems have no point? I mean if Im going to earn heronium again to buy frags, then that would be counter productive right?

Thanks for the reply! Also @Deathleech! If ever though, what do you guys think? Should I just dump all my saved frags to Mandrake --> Earn heronium --> dump frags to Dogface --> earn more heronium --> dump frags and farm more pvp characters. I feel like getting one 10* will cascade to faster/more 10* right?

Except there’s a limit on how many frags you can get from Heronium - all you’re doing is using up all the frags you could use now and rushing to the heronium store so you can… get the same amount of frags back.

In other words if you spend 1,000 bio frags to 10* Mandrake early, all you did was jack up your Mandrake (during Morlock month, for shame) so you could spend Heronium and start grinding those frags back…

Well, while technically spending frags to unlock Heronium store earlier may seem pointless, I think is not a bad idea.

  • You will be able to transform the frags you spent into any element, effectively opening ways to farm heroes that otherwise you wouldn’t.

  • You can save heronium in case you a hero you like and is locked comes into the store. It’s a 2:1 ratio, so it’s not the best deal, but it can help unlocking rare heroes like Prophet or Artemis. You could unlock a missing Morlock thanks to this store.

  • Unused frags are not helping you actively. But using these frags to achieve another star can make PvP/PvE easier, effectively rewarding you more gems/frags, etc.

The only downside I can see is that those frags you spent maxing a hero could have been spent during a frag collection event to get more points, but you should be able to build up a frag stash once you get your first 10*. You could use mech frags to 10* Dogface, and transform your gauntlet currency into heronium to buy bio fragments, applying them to Ifrit for max score, for example.


Right, and getting top tier heroes is the whole goal in the game so… he will be able to replace the fragments he used with heronium AND he now has a 10* hero.

“Don’t waste gauntlet gems farming heronium. You can get plenty from PvP”… said no guy with only one 10* (Dogface) ever.

To be completely honest, I kinda agree with that statement.

The gold shurikens/knives from gauntlet are more important to me than a few frags.

Depends on the player’s goal, me I want to collect all skins so heronium for me.

Since Im already at 9 going --> 10* for Mandrake, I decided to just wait it out.

I have unlocked the 3 hard nodes of mandrake giving me a constant daily supply of 9 frags from hard missions.

Resetting the pvp store three times a day can also net me a range of 12 to 40 frags from the pvp store.

I computed the range and farming for 1080 Mandrake frags can range from as slow as 52 days to as fast as 22 days, averaging at around one month. I think this is a viable wait time instead of using frags. Haha