0.9.X Release Notes


  • Fixed a chat issue related to memory performance that was causing the game to crash


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Gold skills from triggering properly for certain Heroes
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to receive incorrect duplicate Hero Fragment notifications for Heroes they do not own

Known Issues

  • Visual effects for Phalanx’s shields are not noticeable in all environments, but the shields are active and working!

When I open the game I have to update , but there is No update available. So I can’t do anything

It works again

Halos gold skill still not working properly. It worked for my first game this morning, after that I have played 15+ pvp games without it activating when it should…

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Phalanx gold still doesn’t work either. U said it lights up less bright. But in fact it doesn’t work at all.

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Yes, but I believe they said the ability works we just can’t see it… I wish to see it working (if in fact it is.)


I wish if in the next update u can fix one thing. In the daily raids and co op raids, change the gifts everyday. That would be exciting. Getting the same frags in every raids is boring.

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