BUG: Comparing Heroes Switches Their Skills

When comparing hero loadouts, some hero’s skills are not displayed according to their correct ranking.

I’m using Phalanx as an example, but she is not the only one. I’ve also noticed this with Pris and Chesterfield, and there are probably more.

Thanks @Poobgloob, we had noticed this as well and logged it. Hopefully we’ll get a fix for it in the next update :slight_smile:

Tapping on the Plat skill of a hero shows an unknown skill. At least that’s what happened with the only plat hero I’ve seen posted on global chat

Ryker had something called “Charged Lance” or something like that, and it does 0 energy damage after charging a projectile. Checked the rest of the heroes, and no hero had a skill called like that, so maybe future skills are leaking this way

That’s really weird. We don’t have future skills setup but once upon a time Ryker’s Grenade Launcher skill was called Charged Lance.

Well, the bug seems to be rotating skills somehow, so maybe Charged Lance is still a thing within game files and it got rotated into his Plat skill. But the description makes no sense, because it states “0 energy damage” at lv 60 (saw this while comparing a Ryker)

The skill icon was the same that Grenade Launcher, but once selected, it previewed the missile barrage (bronze skill)

Phalanx is a chick?!!? Feel sorry for the mum!

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