1 crate 1 hero

from my experiences, this games is somewhat competitive but require grinding too
so maybe, Devs can make 1 crate for just 1 hero (it could be random number fragment of hero)

hopes this fix the problem of heroes diversity in PvP, counter-balance and maybe future role-warfare
because you know some heroes are accessible while others is not.

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There are special chests in which you only get heroes of one element or the featured faction. Also there are special offers and special chests for just one hero. Oracle, Baron, Nightingale and UAF atm.

yes, i know and i’m really appreciate that.
But that’s mean i have to wait for the exact promotion
and that’s offers is thematic, while i’d admit its has effect on pvp (for diversity) its not gonna change much

just for example let’s say i’m in the lower level of pvp packs and a lot of people using dogface (the current meta), and want to counter him by using odachi (i heard he’s great at picking dogface). So it’s hard to get him. When i waiting for the promotion the games keep moving forwards right? who knows while the offers come the meta no longer relevant or something like that and the worse is current meta is not on promotion (it’s sucks to wait again)

that’s for example, my point is the offers is great but not enough for the pvp arena, so my idea is just 1 crate 1 hero (10-60frags) to always keep up with the meta and whatever its becomes.

but once again that’s just my idea

But the concept of freemium games is to make you buy as much crates as possible. So as great as I would be for players to have these crates, they will never introduce that.

you have a point there,
well at least i give a shot right?and its free idea

Ideas are always good, but we always have to keep in mind that Hothead wants to make money with this game. They are already very generous with the amount of free gold. So without any offense to you, I don’t think they will change anything on their crate policy. And I don’t think they have to. You can play the game good without or with only a small amount of money spend.

what it sounds like you’re saying is that you want to be able to buy a specific hero. Would essentially make the game completely unbalanced to be honest. Everyone goes out and buy those 5-7 heroes they NEED, and then just keeps buying that crate til it’s 10* and then buys it after that for Heronium blah blah blah…see how quickly it became the easiest “Pay to win” option?

yes, i want to buy specific hero i’m not gonna lie about that.

but as @WalleWu stated, it might not gonna works in this game cause not suit for this kind of game.
And as for unbalanced things that your mention, i’m not 100% agree because there’s matchmaking system where (supposedly) 10* heroes gonna match against others 10* heroes or their par right?

It is not about pvp, it is about the heronium. You just need to buy one hero over and over again and through heronium can then spend “his” frags on every hero you should like to.

sorry but i got lost here,
fast grinding?i’d say yes that’s gonna be pay-to-grind/powerup/levelup (sorry i don’t know correct the terms), thats why i’m saying i’m not 100% agree
But if he spend his frags lets say on prophet what the use of prophet then?

i thought we already agreed this isn’t going to happen

I think we are missing each others point :thinking:

Since the original qurstion/idea is discussed o think we should let it be and move on :wink:

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