100/100 Pumpkins we found them all!

Here’s the list, compliment from ILLZ team

You can save the list for yourself and use checkbox when done!


Thanks, much easier to wield than the google doc since it’s sortable and has a checklist :slight_smile:
Two things to note though:
[1] Having grouping turned on makes sorting by pumpkin # not really work, I would disable grouping (obviously I did for myself but it’d be good for others)
[2] It seems like maybe the numbering became off at some point? I’d have the pumpkin # be hardcoded. Currently, if a list item is added, it increases the # for all the items below it (which seems to have happened somewhere)

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Thanks for that and glad we can help. I use the grouping by type as I find it easier, but as you said you can remove it :wink:
I’ll add the pumpkins #, it’s just more work!! But you’re right, will be better.

The list is updated with 91 pumpkins so far.

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… but there’s 95 already in the doc :wink:

Then help to add them into the list :wink:

Amazing! Trying to figure out how to sort them 1 - 99 but getting PVP ones first starting with pumpkin #33.

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Mission 4-3 normal: only someone in a mid-line position can shoot the pumpkin where the picture says so. Could you add in that you need to have a mid-liner?


Thanks, I have added the pumpkins #. I didn’t find all of them though so any help to add the # would be appreciated!

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Thanks for that. I have added a comment column to the list with this information

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The common pumpkin in PVP: The Terminal is #55, not #58

just a little tips for PVP PUMPKIN.
you can challenge your friends, or alliance members.
so you can select the venue and you can choose some characters with very low damage,
thus you can get the pumpkin slowly and easily.

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Thanks, it has been changed

99/100 Pumpkins! Last one should be in the bio-solo event starting soon

100/100. Thank you to everyone who contributed

Joined forum just to say thanks to you guys & the folks who did the doc. Great work guys and much appreciated


Congrats everyone! Awesome work!


So none of the pumpkins are appearing for me. Don’t know why? Was able to find one rare on 1-3 but so far all the commons are just missing. I seem to be the only one experiencing this and am kind of frustrated. Maybe they have been moved?

Lol this is the thread from last year

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Oh that explains a lot. Should have had a v8!

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