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Good day. I’m having quite a problem right now. I wanna start hunting stuff for the event but i cannot find the pumpkins/presents as stated in the Google Doc. anyone having the same problem as me?

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Right now 95 out of 100 has been found,I got all. You might be looking at wrong locations, please be specific so that we can help ya

if you follow the Google Doc, it gives you the location, what hero to use as well as a visual where to find the pumpkins. And as stated above, we have just 95/100 pumpkins found.

Try using the specified heroes (front lines, midline or rear line) if it says rear line, use a rear line hero. Hope that helps

And be sure u read the most recent google docs…

Maybe (just maybe) u read the docs from previous year(s)…

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I’m having the same issue. Some pumpkins are tiny, and I’m used to looking for a tiny dot that maybe sparkles, but some of the ones in the doc just ain’t there.

Tried hard and normal just in case, def 2021 doc, used different heroes from recommended, AND the recommended heroes. Even screenshot the area to look in from different viewpoints so I could zoom in more and nothing.

If they are in the doc, then they are there. We don’t upload locations unless we have proof they are there. :slight_smile:


I have used the Doc to find all 96 so I can tell you they are absolutely there. You can try turning up your screen brightness so you can see them OR just aim to the area where the pic shows and spam fire.

Btw, some players make the video about this current pumpkins hunts… Just search it in youtube, maybe watching video will be easier to find the pumpkins…

They also never give us credit. They use the doc. In progress of reporting them to YouTube


Well, it’s fair to mention the source…
Too bad they didn’t include it…

Well that will get them shutdown either way. You always give credit where it’s due.

Do you use multiple accounts on one device? If you don’t clear cache after switching accounts you’ll have this exact same issue. Same happened to me.

If on Android, close all recent apps. Go to app manager and find Hero Hunters. Go to Storage, then press “Clear Cache”. Do NOT press “Clear Data”!

If on an apple device, I have no idea. Android 4ever.

98 is absolute NOT we’re it is shown, need another screenshot, st least showing were it is with the cross

It is their,you need to destroy bench and concrete block first and then go left and look down,it is small but its their

It is inside the block destroyed near right corner

Sorry my bad I just explained 91 instead of 98, for 98 you are bit right,you need to destroy black boxes stacked together shown in picture, I got their by fluke

True. It’s just sad to take credit for other’s their work. Yet it’s a way people receive the attention they want.

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Have you ever had a fix for this? I get this when I am trying to look in the list.

The hunt ended few days ago. Can’t search for pumpkins anymore.