13-9 hard help

Anyone have tips on how to beat 13-9 hard I have been stuck on this level and am seeking advice

Thèse are the enemies in the level

Use good bio dps, Pris isn’t much of a threat but the others can, key to campaign is good dps so you can take out the most important units easily, my best guess would be to use kunochi as she does decent against mech and she has been carrying me all the way up to 2.5 extreme, and as she is one of the first heroes you get you can easily make her high, then i’d say use good shielding and a tank that can taunt, preferably bio

As per ur roster… Try with Harbinger+Ronin+Kreiger+matador+mandrake

You can switch ronin/kreiger with hivemind if first team doesn’t work.

I’m sure it’ll take at least 3 try(as per own experience) otherwise wait untill u get immense power.

1st wave is easy save kreiger’s silver for 2nd wave… Eliminate mandrake 1st or beck(I went for mandrake first) then, beck…pris will die in no time. use harbinger to kill beck

3rd wave:vangaurd will be annoying if u won’t take him within 20 seconds (again save kreiger’s silver for 3rd wave… Vanguard will come first in 3rd wave so, if u’ll use kreig’s silver then, his all 3 lighting ball/rocket/whatever it called will strike van)
Then, sentry then, steele… Operator is not annoying in that mission.
Best of luck.

If you have these heroes, try using Carabina, Castellan, Marlowe, Hivemind, and Duran.

You will need a notable team dps boost to get through these levels, as the enemies will shred your defenses fairly quick.

Carabina does very well as she is capable of giving your whole team a hefty dps bonus. Keep her alive + get Markerlights out, and she will serve you well.

The other heroes provide a good balance of heal/shield/damage (Duran also boosts speed, which is handy in dealing additional damage)

Thanks finally beat it with this

Here’s a team I just used, if anyone needs anymore help.

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